With Alina Stan, General Manager of Iduna Romania, about cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting the food industry and HoReCa.

Alina Stan, General Manager of Iduna Romania
Alina Stan, General Manager of Iduna Romania

When we want to buy a product, eat at a restaurant, or in other public places, we start asking questions about the freshness of the food, the taste of the food and the quality of the environment in which food is prepared. Today we take the first step to meet Alina Stan, general manager of Iduna Romania – a provider of professional solutions and products for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting food processing areas. As you know, we are interested in knowing, first the person and also the professional. It was a real pleasure, this conversation with a visionary person who appreciates emotional intelligence and common sense.

C & B: You are managing a company with departments, products, services, etc. Which activity attracts you the most?

Alina Stan: “I have always been attracted to the art of selling essential things. In fact, I think every entrepreneur needs to be, at the same time, the manufacturer, the developer, the provider and the seller. It cannot be otherwise, especially in the long run. If we have to sell something, first we have to respond positively to our needs, and in our field of activity we talk about quality and food safety. Of course, it is not easy to stay away from compromise, it is not easy to choose the hardest route, but after many years of keeping away from Balkan customs and education designed by people with personal interests, we have become immune. Fortunately for our company, this was also understood by my colleagues. I admit that I was lucky to meet, in the ascension of my career, quality people from whom I’ve learned. I keep extremely receptive to anything new, positive and constructive in this area that seems fascinating to me. If you are not anchored in real life, you cannot identify the needs of your clients or the people you work with or get in touch with.”

C & B: What were your visions in childhood / adolescence and what are those now?

Alina Stan: “From my childhood, I was negotiating any action, which has been preserved. The difference in negotiation it’s given by the experience you’ve gained. I have always guided a set of seemingly simple rules: You cannot ask for performance if you do not know your resources in the slightest detail. I like to think that I am now a motivational person and that I inspire trust to the people I work with, without which I would not be able to deliver what our company offers as services and products. That’s why I never ask people I work with things I cannot do.”

C & B: We’re going to eat in a location where you’ve implemented quality systems and technical and technological infrastructure. What do we need to know?

Alina Stan: “After 15 years of permanent contact in this area, we have found with pleasure that most of our customers have understood that food safety cannot be compromised. For this reason, we offer counseling before the sale. All our people have specialized studies on food quality and safety. We are in constant contact with manufacturing companies, restaurants, hotels, etc. Before we begin the sales process, we identify their needs and make sure that everyone who comes into contact with our products knows all the steps. We explain to our customers what they should do to avoid any problem across the food chain. Our company, in addition to cleaning and disinfection products – Iduna Hygiene, offers food industry equipment, emergency and contract hygiene teams, we provide specialized training. In fact, we are an extension of the quality department where our customers can find real support in our product both in terms of proper product use and food safety information in line with current legislation.”

C & B: What advice / tips do you have for those who respond, even morally, to the quality of the environment in which our table is prepared?

Alina Stan: “It has always been and will always be a very sensitive topic. The consumer charges every mistake, especially when it comes to food quality. Today’s consumer knows clearly what he wants and expects to receive as much as possible. We should not accept compromises. The compromise is like a drug. You accept a little based on curiosity, a moment of necessity or a requirement, then, little by little, you are not able to face them anymore. I met businesses that, after a failures like this, needed time and a major efforts to get back on track. Others have failed. We have to think that all of us involved in this area of ​​activity have an obligation towards the consumer. We do not have to give examples, they are given to us by the society free of charge. We all should not forget that we have a responsibility to people, their lives and their health. To do everything right is neither hard nor expensive.”

C & B: We trust the quality products, services and systems implemented by your company. How do we make sure that location has Iduna Romania seal?

Alina Stan: “We make sure that the hygiene chain is respected. We implement and develop the hygiene management according to the H.A.C.C.P. standard as well as the adaptation of the working process according to the other quality standards, all across the food chain. I repeat, after 15 years of effective work in all types of industry, restaurants and hotels, we have the agility and knowledge to quickly identify the needs of our customers. Moreover, we are always there with all the necessary information for a well-established hygiene system. We guarantee 100% for our customers because we see every day how many efforts are being made to ensure the hygienic flow of the food chain, as required by the legislation in force.”

C & B: All our interviews close with this question. We do not want to do otherwise in your case. What do you think about the Romanian business environment!

Alina Stan: “I like to believe that the necessary solutions to create an entrepreneurial environment in Romania have not yet been found. I believe in our potential to relaunch the much-anticipated engine of the economy. At the same time, we all have to take the risks of the decisions we take because we have many opportunities. Uniting together, we can certainly be the promoters of transformation.”


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