Unique concept in Europe. Beach for people with disabilities, in Constanta

Beach for people with disabilities, in Constanta
Beach for people with disabilities, in Constanta

Starting with the 2018 summer season, Constanta will be the first city in Europe to have a beach specially designed for people with disabilities. The project is initiated by psychologist Adrian Gemănaru, nominated at the World Autism Festival for the development of recovery therapies for children with autism, but also with other disabilities.

The beach area of ​​the North Faleza area, spread over a total area of ​​22,000 square meters and with a 200-meter-wide open sea, is provided by the Dobrogea-Litoral Basin Administration for therapeutic activities, organized by the Black Sea Center in Constanta. The therapeutic park will comprise two lounges (100 seats), two sheets of beds (1,000 seats), access ramps, a scene for events, a relaxing sensory garden, hydration point, two playgrounds, an area auditory stimulation and visual and tactile stimulation, a sensory alley, a pottery workshop, floating mobile chairs for people with disabilities, and a first aid tent.

Pottery workshop and sensory alley

The pottery workshop is one of the most useful therapeutic activities for finger mobility and for improving the stabilization of upper limb joints. The pottery area will be surrounded by a sensory alley, which tourists will be able to walk with bare feet, wooden horns, mats, stones, bark, grass, beans, activity that greatly increases attention and satisfies the need man to merge with nature.

Floating carts and areas for auditory and visual stimulation

For people with locomotor difficulties, the organizers of the project will install a ramp on the beach from a special material that will allow them to move easily. Disabled people will also benefit from 3 floating mobile trolleys to enjoy sea water.

Children with a range of sensory difficulties will benefit from two special areas: hearing aid (musical instruments adapted for the outside) and visual and tactile stimulation, which will give them the opportunity to experience the world around them through the three senses .

Run for 24 hours on the sand to fund the therapeutic park

At the beginning of May (May 05 and May 6, 2018), over 1,500 people will run 24 hours on the beach in Mamaia to promote and raise funds for this project. Psychologist Adrian Gemanaru will organize a second edition of the sporting event “Alerg 24h for Autism Black Sea”, through which the participating companies and organizations will have the opportunity to directly join this unique concept. Practically, Constanta will be the first city in Europe to have a specially designed beach for people with disabilities.

 “The over 1,000 enthusiastic participants from the first edition of the Alerg 24h event have reawakened the hope that civic spirit has not yet died in Romania, and people are willing to help increase the quality of life for children with disabilities. Moreover, we hope that the Romanian business environment will show interest and support for this unique project in Europe. The needs of a person with disabilities, especially if he is a child, are enormous, and we want to show them that they are not alone in this difficult struggle to recover. As the recovery starts, first of all, from the state of mind, we have designed this beach sector with many playgrounds and spaces where they can enjoy summer and sea, “says psychologist Adrian Gemănaru, president of Therapeutic Center” Black Sea”.

The project organizers have the support of the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of the Environment

Implementation of this project requires a budget of around 100,000 Euros. In this respect, the Black Sea Center in Constanta calls for the support of people involved in tourism, local authorities, arguing that the Black Sea project is of national interest, as the number of people with disabilities represents about 1 million people in Romania , and the need for such a dedicated space is vital. For the implementation of the project, the Black Sea Center received the support of the Presidential Administration and the Ministry of Environment.

Access to existing facilities will be provided to children with special needs, to people with disabilities and their families free of charge.


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