Sorina Diaconu, marketing manager at Medlife: “Feel the people your brand is talking to!”


Sorina Diaconu is a marketing manager at Medlife Group. He is considered a dreamer who learns daily the lesson of responsibility. He likes people, is among them and works with as many as possible. He loves his family, enjoys all around and does not forget, every morning, to thank for that. Says about the communication activity that it is a core but also a path. Its department is a point where all applications, the needs of Group divisions, business area requests, and a way through which they all harmonize in a strategic form of communication so that the brand is global covered and there is a coherence and consistency. It sees everything as a challenge, because private medical services are required every day for new needs and changes in the market. Things are different than in FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) or in another area where it has worked in the past.

About career and career development

“Career is a word I personally do not laugh at. I have always worked, always thinking that this is not the purpose in life, and I have always wanted to like what I do. My grandmother said that whatever you do, you do well if you like it and if you go to work in the morning. And I’m glad to work. I changed jobs only when there was no room to move forward or when I thought I was working, that I had nothing to learn. The chance was for me to have opportunities in very different areas and that is why I would say that I do not have a classic profile of a man of communication. Rather, I’m a project manager with a strategic focus and lean towards creativity, applied in areas where I slowly acquired communication experience. I am very lucky because I had managers from whom I learned and from which I had what I learned. From each one I have a principle that guides me now. I think the fact that I always enjoyed what I was doing also led to beautiful projects. I can not say that I had “projects I hate” or “that killed my nerves”, as it is said. I have had heavy or complex projects but all I liked, alongside teams where my colleagues grew up in my soul. In short, I left a small job in a promotional agency, went to anti-discrimination in the Romanian Government, then at the UN where I learned about the restoration of historical monuments. I spent the next 7.5 years teaching communication in Ogilvy Grup Romania, part of the WPP. I then went into the high quality steel industry. The departure was in its own right, because I had to develop and implement the global communication strategy on markets of four contents. I traveled a lot, that’s why. FMCG was the next stage, the most compressed and stormy experience. That’s because I had no idea what she was eating. Groupe Bel of France has given me a trusted mandate that I had to support. And here I am at MedLife as Group Marketing Director, in private health services, in a Romanian company built with ambition and responsibility, now the market leader with over 6700 colleagues. “

Vision from childhood different from adulthood

“In my childhood I know that for a long time I wanted to be a pilot, not because I wanted to travel or wanted adrenaline, but because I had a toy plane, a metallic model of a Boeing 707 that worship. Now I like where I am, and I do not think there is a place more suitable for me for this period of my life. I like people as I have already mentioned, I’m interested in how we function as a whole, how we get sick, and then heal us – so now I try to find out more from my colleagues and learn, because my adult vision is a world of tranquility and health. “

“In my work, I have had many experiences. I’ll give you an example of a negative one, somehow funny. I’ve been working on an anniversary campaign for a brand number one in Romania at the time, the visual has many many characters, we’ve changed it, and in the last minute in the DTP I’ve actually forgotten a piece of a character’s hand. The outdoors went into production and the next day they were posted on the streets, the luck was that only a part of them had “Thing” Adams Family look a like in print … A positive experience was when, together with the Swiss company, we -I’m ready for the biggest steel industry fair in Dusseldorf, it’s five years. We had a relatively small space, but we had the most visited point because the stand was an engineering in itself, and we had the technology – 2 robots – living in that space. The competition between Siemens and Tenova was a matter of envy – that was a great joy for me because the budgets of the competition were fantastic, and our space was simply an example of creativity in engineering and industrial design. “

Rational and Sentimental

“I try to make them not to fight … but when they are debating, they are about humanity, people of the paradox of these do not understand, I do not explain how people can be so good, beautiful, yet so cruel. At the level of everyday matters at work, the Raional tells me to cut budgets, make it more efficient non-stop, go on traditional ways, on successful recipes; The emotional person tells me to do things “differently”, let the truth be uttered by the people to whom we bring our services; Balance requires a bigger effort but things happen and projects are doing well.


Do not just watch Nielsen, or the trends in the market. Feel the people your brand is talking to. Take a theme and hold on to it. Do not try to trick (to sell in the short term), today’s consumer captures everything that is lacking in truth. “

Own definition for Romanian society, businesses and careers!

“I see a transforming society. The greatest transformation that could be, is Becoming. I’m glad to catch this beginning. Our children will get the top of this transformation (in Well Well I say) of society, business and careers in Romania. “


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