Sebastian Sarbu, CEO of NASDP: “Nothing can be built without a hierarchy of values”

Sebastian Sarbu, military analyst
Sebastian Sarbu, military analyst

This week’s special guest is Sebastian Sarbu, a well-known military analyst, military journalist, and organization leader who has gone through all stages of professional training in the field of private security, his expertise being recognized both in Romania and internationally. Sebastian Sarbu is a Special Advisor, CEO of the National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP), European Commission Security and Intelligence Expert and Senior Executive Officer at IOSI GLOBAL. His work involves working with people, promoting fundamental scientific research, managerial organization of human and information resources, capitalizing on creativity, managing international relations, but especially providing active advice and expertise in different areas ranging from security culture to intellectual capital or strategic management, as communication plays an important role in implementing objectives and ideas of common interest.​

C&B: Mr. Sarbu, how did the creation of NASDP come about?​

Sebastian Sarbu: “I just decided to join hands. Nothing can be done without association. It all started from a research project on emergency situations, as I already had accumulated knowledge while being a member of the National Defense College Foundation. So I decided to address some visible private security industry groups for promoting this project in the interest of Romania. I had already been a certified organization manager and proved competences in the area of organizing public and private research, as well as advising different organizations. I have used this experience to found the National Academy of Security and Defense Planning, a center for excellence in the field of security culture. My background and the people involved mattered a lot. The fact that I have published university books on interdisciplinary topics mattered a lot. Bosses come and go, but real leaders are natural born leaders. This is what a Wall Street stock exchange speculator told me, and in our case this is more than true. Knowledge, research, creativity, and communication are the 4 concepts that marked my career. I started from education, from books, and then promoted excellence in education with a team built around a leader espousing an idea. My diverse work as a military officer, lawyer, media analyst, manager, academician, journalist, diplomat, anti corruption expert, research & development director, expert in UNESCO programs can certainly point towards an entrepreneurial spirit, a spirit in the character of public affairs even if the political dimension is not involved, but merely the technocratic one.​”

C&B: What used to be your vision of the world in childhood/adolescence and what is it now?​

Sebastian Sarbu: “It was infused with humanism, the need to build a world without barriers, a world of prosperity and harmony. I was personally looking for role models around me. I was a humanist and I became a more realistic technocrat who did not sacrifice his humanism on the altar of society, but capitalized it in today’s context, one of responsibility and moral pragmatism that must characterize a man who complies with professional standards and general social standards. Now I am much more independent, an independence which is required for leadership and civic action for a better world. Human models are necessary, but the most important thing is for us to become models in our turn, since the best model is your self-realization.”

C&B: What is your most pleasant experience with publishing?​

Sebastian Sarbu: “Here I will give a quick and short answer. It was the honor of being promoted on Amazon by a prestigious university publisher which has published 5 of my books in 40 countries.​”

C&B: What advice do you have for people who are at the beginning of their career or are undecided?​

Sebastian Sarbu: “I advise them to emphasize character building, the idea of moral and intellectual perfection, to choose their entourage wisely and not seek short-term success. The future is being built in the present, stage by stage. Evolution in leaps is excluded. Spartan discipline and environment are the partners of success achieved in conditions of social hazard and always associate with the cultivated mind that seeks to live life by following Kantian ethics. I also advise them not to be influenced by the negative examples of consumer society, but instead to search in history and culture models who have succeeded by themselves. “By ourselves” must be our motto in spite of temptations and false models. Of course, nothing can be built without a hierarchy of values. So giving up on clichés and prejudices is the first step to progress!​”

C&B: Please offer your own definition for society, business, and careers in Romania.​

Sebastian Sarbu: “Society is a matter of interests, organized by laws, institutions, and customs which are based on values, beliefs, and ideals. Careers are the mark of development of a society in which the strong are not necessarily good and the weak are not necessarily evil, but in which merit must exist.​”

Sebastian Sarbu – Intelligence and power

About NASDP​

Initially, the National Academy of Security and Defense Planning (NASDP) was conceived as a training center, an innovative hub entirely a private enterprise, as a supplier of defense and safety solutions, and also as a facility of on going professional mentoring of the adult preparing him/her for the state-owned and private industry in Romania.​ The center was established by the beginning of 2011 courtesy of a team of experts knowledgeable in Euro-Atlantic issues, as a stand alone, informal group, acquiring formal status in November 2013, for further bolstering the local and regional staff in need of law enforcement where private security issues are involved.​ It is able to provide both Romanian and foreign milieus risk assessment solutions, prevention solutions, configuration patterns and ways to fight the effects of natural disasters, menaces, or hostile actions, as well as to provide security studies and research in most fields in modern society.​

All of NASDP’s activities are based on these seven principles: abiding by the Romanian Constitution and legislation; integrity; well-governing; excellence; dignity; team work; and innovation.


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