Romanians with the CyberAmz application boost sales on Amazon

Cyberamz for Amazon
Cyberamz for Amazon

A Romanian IT team – Dragoş Ekart (graduate of the Faculty of Informatics – Bucharest University) and Mihaela Didu (graduate of ASE – Cybernetics specialization) – developed an application dedicated to Romanian or foreign companies selling products on the markets as well Amazon and eMag. Thanks to this IT innovation, vendors can track their products by the key words their customers are looking for so they can better match their relationships and keep up with consumer trends. “CyberAmz is moving to the automation of ecommerce activities, being a platform that will take stock control and sales through “digital workers”. More specifically, our application will command a new stock on its own. Thus, time-consuming actions such as price change, customer-seller communication and product analysis will be taken over entirely by the platform. One year after the launch of the app, we have so far more than 400 customers who use the app, and we may soon find it out of the MVP stage and available at international level, not just at national level, “says Ekart Dragos, one of the co-founders of CyberAmz.

IT projects started in college and continued on international markets The two IT companies in Bucharest started to work together from the years of their studies on projects, initially small (web services), but which subsequently became more and more important, succeeding in important collaborations with other larger companies in France and England. “My first IT projects were started in high school, and right after the National Mathematics Olympics, I had my first client in England. In high school I met Mihaela, and since then we have begun to work on projects that are getting bigger and more useful for our clients. At present, CyberAmz is our most important project. Ecommerce evolves every day and the biggest challenge is to manage the speed of change made by marketplace. Amazon changes rules very often for companies that sell, brings new functionality and improves search algorithms. In Romania, the situation is different, the market being at first in comparison to the e-commerce in the United States, and it is an opportunity if you launch a product in a good niche. After experiencing the first year of launching the app on an international market and focusing on a single niche, we can say it was the best decision we made because we had important customers from the start. Our challenge is to develop the app for more marketers in a fast time, and we have recently synchronized our eMag application to help e-commerce in Romania grow, “says Dragoş Ekart.

CyberAmz – the IA platform dedicated to companies selling physical products on the Amazon or Emag markets – is moving towards automating e-commerce businesses through “digital workers.” Thus, vendors can track their product position for the words customers are looking for when they want to buy a product. The e-commerce industry is growing exponentially worldwide, and Romania – with thousands of IT specialists working continuously for the development of this industry – is one step ahead of many European countries. Worldwide, online sales were quoted as $ 1.3 trillion in 2014, and experts from The Enterprise Guide to Global Ecommerce expect the market to grow by 246.15% by 2021, $ 4.5 trillion.


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