Paris gives “Locks of Love” in exchange for helping refugees


The “Locks of Love” that hundreds of thousands of lovers cling to each year on the Pont des Arts and Pont de l’Archevêché bridges in Paris will be sold by charities for charity. The Paris authorities are planning to donate the money to organizations that support refugee support.
Franco’s Deputy Mayor, Bruno Julliard, said he expects to raise up to 100,000 euros following action to sell “Locks of Love”. The Deputy Mayor also has a plan for the case of unsold locks. He plans to melt them and sell them to scrap iron.

“People will be able to buy five or ten locks or more, all at reasonable prices,” said Bruno Julliard, deputy mayor of the franchise capital, according to Adevarul.

Although the news was welcomed by people who support refugee relief projects, they reminded the authorities that this effort is not enough.

“Money for organizational support is one, but organizations that work without interruption can not provide shelter for the hundreds of refugees sleeping on the streets of Paris. The government must act in accordance with international law and use its full power to stop suffering, “said Jonny Rebours, volunteer in two such organizations.

The “Love Padlocks” phenomenon has begun since 2008 and represents a “seal” of the union of lovers. Lovers catch the padlock along the parysian parapet railing, and then throw the key into Sena. This is very often practiced by couples who want to have luck in love and who believe that by doing so, they will stay with their half to deep old age.

This initiative of the Paris authorities does not happen at random. In 2014, a railing of the famous Pont des Arts, which collapsed under the weight of thousands of “padlocks of love”, caused the escape of that pedestrian passage that crosses Sena in front of the Louvre Museum.


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