Ours is better, says Zarea about the new Cider DACIC Craftsman! That’s how it is?


The Romanian leader in sparkling wines, ZAREA, has made a habit of launching products demanded by consumers directly or through the HoReCa segment. This time it is about the continuation of the DACIC Romanian Ciders concept. It is also a premium product with a strong component anchored in local traditions and respecting the company’s dream of content requirements. Romanian apple juice, a carefully crafted product, in small batches, with a traditional taste of cider, with no added sugar, dyes and flavors. Guarantee is the tradition of over 100 years in the production of fermented alcoholic beverages and the true Romanian know-how.

“The success of DACIC Romanian Ciders in the summer of 2016 has encouraged us to launch a project that we have been working on for a long time – a handcrafted cider from our own good apples, a genuine cider, not too sweet or too harsh , with an apple note “says Emil Popescu, president of ZAREA SA

Dedicated to both men and women, DACIC Craftsman is a cider made, as I said, 100% apple juice without colorants, without flavors, with a 4.5% strength. The Craft Craft DACIC Mestesugar is available in a 0.5 liter bottle of brown color, precisely to keep the product’s special features better in time. Through its special qualities and affordable product it is also suitable for HoReCa locations.

DACIC Craftsman joins ZAREA’s cider portfolio, in particular DACIC Romanian Ciders, the most varied range of tastes: apple, blueberries, strawberries and cucumbers, cherries and apricots (new and it), alongside the new DACIC Fresh concept, the first cider in Romania with low alcohol content (1.9% vol.).

We are the promoters of Romanian initiatives and products. We know Zarea’s reputation, but we never report information about products we do not know. That’s why I asked the company for a supplement to the press release. Of course it was a few copies of the beverage. I got them pretty soon, just before last weekend. They went very well on the feast days. We do not tell you how much they appreciated, we let you discover yourself. We can tell you, however, the reaction of some colleagues: “An article would also go to the health magazine !; I think we can also write to the fashion magazine; Why not to the urban style portal (bc Presscafe.ro)? “I hope your colleagues are not upset ­čÖé


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