Odette Costoiu, Sales and Marketing Director at Sheraton Bucharest Hotel told us the story of his career.


I’m Odette Costoiu, Sales and Marketing Director at Sheraton Bucharest Hotel. A person in constant self-discovery and constant competition with herself. I lay my heart on what I do and I consider myself a fulfilled man. I am determined, strong, ambitious, sincere, and addicted to the cheerful people around me. I believe that they belong to the hotel industry with body, soul and mind. My business is closely linked to sales and marketing, and industry dynamism and interaction with people give me the energy I need day by day. My activity simply brings joy to me. The joy of doing a job of passion and the conviction that I found my way.

The story of my career is linked umbilically to the hospitality industry, where I ended up accidentally in 2005 when I applied for the secretary position at the JW Marriott Hotel. As I started a Master in Psychology, I thought I had too much free time, which I wanted to use with help and wisdom. I had to choose between a job in a HR company and the job at Marriott. The spell was so strong that I had nothing to think too much about. After a few years, I decided to take a step forward and continued the challenge at the Athenee Palace Hilton. I was also part of the team that coordinated the project to launch the Radisson Blu Hotel in Romania. From 2012, I came to the Howard Johnson team (then) and what wonderful experience carousel followed. I have learned enormously in recent years, I have grown as I have not dreamed, and the biggest challenge so far has certainly been the rebranding and repositioning project at Sheraton Bucharest Hotel and the transformation of the place into a 5 star hotel. The year 2018 was marked by a new change, namely integration into the Marriott Hotels group.

I feel that the childhood dream is fulfilled

Perhaps in my case, the answer will bring at least smiles on the faces of the readers, if not even roar. I think every child has at least one dream unrelated to adult life. In my case, in my childhood, I saw a man dedicated to the family, the house and many children around. From the whole story, there is a desire to have 4 children. Until this moment, I have two wonderful children, a family that meets me, and a career I never dreamed of. Somehow, I feel that the childhood dream has come true, but I have added a passion that makes me happy.

My vision is simple: I want to be my best version, to grow up constantly, to never stop learning, to inspire others and to be a model for my children.

Do not let anyone put barriers on them

In our industry, where things can take a whole new turn from one hour to the next, you can meet with both positive experiences and lessons happening daily. The most important thing is how you overcome each moment and what you are behind. Attitude generates behaviors and here is the key to solving any kind of chance. Those who are at the beginning of the road I recommend them to trust them, in their dream, to give everything, not to postpone anything and to let no one put barriers of any kind. Also, investing in your own development is the most important, so I advise everyone at the start to include education in the investment budget. In the long run, they will thank.

It’s very hard to evolve without support

I would like to see more optimism about the development of business and careers in Romania. Often I see people around me who lose a lot of energy on the negative side that forgets the essence. I think it depends on each of us how we make our way. And I also think that Romania has a fantastic potential, which one of us can pick up and fructify with small but sure steps at individual level. From the point of view of my own experience, I maintain that it is very difficult to evolve without support. So we have to take care of what we offer and what we are looking for so that we can reap the support we need and that we can build solid teams around us.


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