Nestle enters the fight to fight obesity


Nestle joins brands that restructure their products to combat obesity. The Swiss manufacturer claims to have discovered another way to structure sugar so as to use 40% less in chocolate production without affecting its taste. The company’s representatives say the new recipe will start to be used from 2018 onwards.
Researchers have discovered a way for flavor papules to be fooled: they have altered the structure of sugar to dissolve faster. The effect is an increase in sweetness, according to the BBC.

Depending on the type of chocolate, they have a higher or lower amount of sugar. Milk chocolate contains about 50% of sugar, a quantity that comes mostly from milk. One of the largest quantities of sugar contains white chocolate, almost 60%, in contrast to black chocolate, which contains less than 40%, sometimes not at all.

Nestle is not the first company to restructure its products in the context of obesity. PepsiCo Inc. has announced such a change since October. Furthermore, Nestle has introduced a new global sugar reduction policy in 2007.

In Romania, the brand has been present since 1995, headquartered in Timisoara, and in 2015 it had sales of over 150 million euros. Nestle Romania’s portfolio includes brands such as Nescafe, Nesquik, Nespresso, Joe, KitKat, Lion, Maggi, Nirvana, Aloma, Darling, Friskies and Nestle Fitness.


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