Monica Vişan, Holidays Workshop – Vacations: If you want to work in the field of tourism, be sure you like this very much.

Monica Visan, Holidays Workshop- Vacations Workshop
Monica Visan, Holidays Workshop- Vacations Workshop

I’m Monica Visan proud of my origins and always on the roads. I like to always rediscover new things and explore the world. I take my energy from interacting with people of different cultures and always learn something new from it. I am a energetic person and always with 10 ideas that come all at the same time in my head. The only time my thoughts flow smoother is when I’m inside  plane. Then I manage to concentrate on my work and to be creative. I lived 4 years in Malaysia and so far have visited 46 countries; and in most of them I have been back even 11 times and in others only 4-5 times. I have returned to Romania and with an experience of over 7 years in multinationals and intense travels, I have set up a start-up: Holidays Workshop- Vacations Workshop, which aims to offer unprecedented experiences and to make accessible places just dreamed by some so far.

Like most young people of my age, I was quite indecisive in my adolescence about the career to follow. Probably this came from the lack of education of the parents living in the communist era, they did not have a developed vision of opportunities in the future. So without much knowledge I decided to attend the Faculty of Business Management in English – probably because it sounded good at that time and then I graduated a Master in Marketing. Although I admit that it was hard for me to go to classes as well while having a full-time job in a multinational company, I managed to graduate and this was due to an aptitude that still characterizes me today: Never start one thing without ending it!

Well, now it’s easy to travel

In my childhood, I realized something that I managed to change in my adult life. I do not like the cold! And since 2013, I’ve never experienced a real winter. Well, although I was always a child, I would say that when I am big I will go to the “warm countries” as the migratory birds go, and I have managed to translate it even into reality. Obviously, we live in other times, and in the age of speed we have access to a great deal of information. You know when we needed information and we were running fast to the dictionary now we have google, or when a song came in our mind and we call a friend quickly and break his eardrum trying to sing some lyrics to tell us the name of the song; now we have Shazam. Now, it’s simple to travel if you ask a person who just comes from a vacation: “How did you know it?” You will realize that his answer will be subjective. He liked it or not in the light of his experience-experience that is given by people and quality services.

This is an area where you have to risk a lot

Positive experiences come when we discover new places that we successfully introduce into Adventure Circuits and when customers are satisfied. Obviously there are unpleasant experiences. This is a field where you have to risk a lot, where your partners change prices from one day to another and when you realize that working with people is difficult. This has taught me that the only thing I can control is how I react to such unforeseen situations.

If you want to work in tourism, my recommendation is to be sure you really like this. You have to be adaptable and realistic. Be creative and do not give up! And do not forget: no one lives exactly as the pictures and videos look like on Instagram and Facebook.

In my field of activity, there is a fierce battle between Rational and Sentimental. Monica – the one who always interacts with customers – focuses on Sentimental, followed by Monica – the great manager of this business and emphasizing Raional. I try to find a Balance, however, so that customers are satisfied.

I have come up with a lot of enthusiasm about the business environment in Romania and easily deflated myself. Although we saw an improvement in bureaucracy, she is still quite fierce. State in theory helps you, but in practice things are not that. I still hope that the state will help the start-ups and there will also be advantages from banks to stimulate this environment.


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