Mihaela Căliman, economist manager and administrator of the Certification Body “Qmscert Certification” tells us about certifications and their importance.

Mihaela Căliman
Mihaela Căliman

My name is Mihaela Căliman and I am an economist-manager, managing the Certification Body QMSCert Certification SRL. I would say without modesty: “The right man in the right place”. The activity of the company I run includes a set of tools used in management that, once completed, bring medium and long-term benefits to all stakeholders. Thus, the main object of activity is the Auditing and Certification with worldwide recognition of all state and / or private organizations according to the European Norms: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, GDP in the medical field, IFS (International Food Standard), FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) in Halal food and certification. We also organize training courses for auditors and training with various management themes.

The business story began in 2003 when there was a need to implement the quality, environment, food safety standards required by the Fiscal Code for Fiscal Storage on the private market and specialists were looking for the implementation of these Rules.

Being this demand in the market, we have taken seriously the work, translated the standards (they did not exist in Romanian), to take part in vocational training courses, to take steps to advise on the implementation of the European Norms for various fields of activity . This intense work has expanded over several years, in which we have set up SMART clear, easy-to-use systems by our customers.

In parallel, ongoing training, internal and / or third-party audits have introduced us into the universe of certification bodies that we have worked with as partners, also conducting certification audits for a good period of time.

The direct relationship with the client has made us have a clear picture of the market, and the 2007 legislation has helped us to consolidate our own Certification Body portfolio, which was, in fact, the long-awaited and well-prepared child (in order to develop beautiful and harmonious and that fills us with beautiful activity and at the moment).

Continuous development, specializations, refinements, permanent quests to bring novelty and value added for the benefit of customers, giving them a faithful upgrading of their organizations, have rewarded in turning partners into traditional customers (with over ten years of collaboration) .

And as new opportunities emerged on the market, there was a need to extend Halal Certification Services for which we specialize, and I can say with joy that we are the only Certification Body in Romania to offer our partners these certifications in an accredited system. The partnership with HQC The Netherlands, Europe’s representative in Halal World Council, enables us to make these certifications exclusively in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

The constant change of the Norms has led to the need to train specialists in companies by updating with the new standard and legal requirements, national and European standards. Being training trainers, we qualify auditors in companies through in-house training.

I knew the next step

The visions of adolescence were not well defined. I knew in the ’85s and 86s that I had to go to a high school with a profile to have a job in the future. That was the mentality then … Later on, coming to the Revolution in ’89, we headed for the next level. It all went step by step, so it was like a déjà vu. I always felt I had to do something new and I knew what the next step was. There was then no idea of ​​long-term vision.

The vision we are now developing is customer-oriented, which is constantly moving, also taking into account national and international economic and legislative trends.

A novel fact with happy end

It’s a client I’ve been certifying for a couple of years, and it’s been pretty tough since the 2009 economic crisis. It has interrupted our collaboration with us without paying for the services we’ve provided. With the partner’s financial return, he returned, paid the outstanding bills, and continued to collaborate with joy that the unpredictable times were over (after a break of almost two years, in which we no longer hope for a return) . It was a thank you for the patience, understanding and professionalism I have shown over the years.

Tips for those who want to use a Certification Body:

  • study the fair market of Certification Bodies, in which to find the credentials on the field in which they work, at the right prices;
  • Get feedback from previously certified businesses
  • analyze the prices that really mirror the entire quality certification activity;
  • find understanding, qualified guidance in the improvement of the Management System required for Certification and, implicitly, of the organizational structure as a whole, beyond that Certificate they will receive later;
  • look for the Certification Body that will bring added value to the organization, which does not confuse the audit with the inspection and which will provide a world-recognized certificate;

This awakening is necessary and functional

Our client is not a firm that must operate under a current legislative system and so. Our client is a group of people who want to start an existential project and need understanding, support, and confidence that they will take a step forward with professionalism.

I now have in mind the image of a parent who confides to the child taking the first steps. And in our case, it’s the same. And here are many supportive, emotional and pragmatic factors.

At present, society, the business environment and careers in Romania go against the current and do well, under the existing economic and social conditions. This awakening is necessary and is of a functional nature at the end and which develops some abilities, subtle and useful perceptions, in order to overcome this politically unfortunate period, the political factors influencing the economic environment and vice versa.

I hope this information is useful to you. I wish Romania entrepreneurs: A successful 2019, business flexibility, caution wherever it is, and confidence that they will succeed by resorting to intuition and forecasting in the economy!


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