Mariana Tudose, consultant and trainer: I grew SeoSfera business year after year, staying true to the values I believe in

Mariana Tudose, consultant and trainer
Mariana Tudose, consultant and trainer

I am Mariana Tudose, consultant and trainer in the field of SEO & Digital Marketing, founder of SeoSfera. I am pasionnate about entrepreneurship, the digital marketing and about neuroscience. My activity focuses on developing SeoSfera, a business providing SEO and online marketing services.

Mainly, we offer search engine optimization services, hence the acronym of SEO. Whenever the customer interest requires it, we combine SEO with other online marketing tools, such as Google Ads and social media marketing.

A very special project for me is represented by the SEO courses I regularly teach since 2016. It’s a special project for me because working directly with people gives me extraordinary rewards. The same goes with the feeling of sharing the SEO experience gathered during 11 years of activity. The real-time, verbal and non-verbal feedback given by the trainees is extraordinary. And the moment I realize the knowledge and ability “leap” made by a trainee gives me a great feeling of fulfilment.

Prior to the opening of my business in 2013, I worked in the editorial field. I began working as a Sales Representative for the printed version of the renowned Encyclopedia Britannica. Later I set the foundation for Nemi Publishing House, part of Nemira Editorial Group. After that, I switched to the digital environment, learning a new discipline: SEO. I have basically changed the medium from digital to print, while the leading thread remained the same: transmitting knowledge.

Working primarily for business customers, I learned to appreciate the impact a business with genuine mission and values ​​can have in society. I also discovered that two of my important values, knowledge and evolution, can be used in business, seen not as entities that have the sole purpose of generating profits, but as entities producing value and impact.

The opening of SeoSfera business in 2013 was a big step for me, because I made the transition from “How would I do if the business would be mine” to “What do I do today, this month, this quarter etc.” to grow my business ». The transition has implied and continues to imply the accumulation of knowledge from diverse sources, but above all, a lot of experiential knowledge.

Although I’ve been through some challenges – or perhaps above all because of overcoming them – I have now the satisfaction of growing SeoSfera business year after year, staying true to the values ​​I believe in.

The current vision includes the development of new business segments

In my case, the vision of the future has become clearer with the passing of years, as I have assimilated different experiences. As a child, I did not really have a vision of the future. I just remember that during my childhood I was inexplicably fascinated by the concept of Wisdom (this stays true in the present too!)

During my adolescence I was passionate about psychology as an instrument of knowledge, without, however, wanting to transform this passion into a profession. I chose the Faculty of Literature, the Information Sciences specialization, both to follow up a native tilt and to get in touch with new areas capable to help me in the future to have an impact. Here I am mainly referring to marketing knowledge and digital skills, because marketing has an extraordinary power to generate impact, and digital can be a highly effective tool for marketing.

After I started working, entrepreneurship has repeatedly been an attraction to me, from where the vision of creating a digital marketing business has gradually arisen. That’s how SeoSfera was born.

The current vision for the future includes the development of new business segments, such as customized SEO courses for companies and online SEO courses.

It was an experience that gave me more confidence

Positive experiences in my activity are many, from the small and big victories we get every day for us and our customers to the touching feedback of the SEO course students.

For example, when we announced the graduates of Beginner and Middle-level SEO course about the launching of an Advanced SEO module, we were not quite sure about the level of receptivity regarding the new module. The reaction of the former students was, however, very positive and very touching for me at the same time: some of them signed up immediately for the course. Also, I received an email from a former trainee who was abroad and who told me how much my SEO course helped in her career, while ensuring that she will enroll for the first advanced course we will organize after her return in the country. For me, that was more than just “positive” feedback. It was an experience that rewarded me 200% and gave me more confidence and motivation for the future.

Negative experiences are not really negative, after all, even they can be unpleasant in the first moments. At this stage in my life, I know that during such moments, all I have to do is detach myself from that unpleasant experience so that I can see the masked opportunity behind it.

For example, I remember when I had to give up signing a contract under negotiation, because I received from the potential client numerous signs of unreliability. It was very unpleasant to get out of a bargain invested with time and energy, but by detaching myself from the situation and reevaluating it, I realized the opportunities I had in front of me: to free up time and resources for other potential clients and, mostly, to overcome a personal weakness I had in the first years of business: the desire to please the customer at any cost. Not long after that, we started another collaboration that brought satisfaction, both to us and to our customer, without the need to make any compromise.

Anyone who wants to make a career in online marketing needs to learn permanently! 

For those at the beginning of their career, I think the most important advice would be to make every effort to get to know themselves. If they do so, they will have 24-hour access to the best career counselor on the planet: Inner Voice.

I think we are living in a time with unprecedented opportunities, made possible also by the Internet, as a medium of facilitating knowledge. At the same time, the Internet is also a personal challenge for us. Why do I say this? Because if we are not connected with our self, we can easily lose ourselves in the informational labyrinth, not knowing anymore who we really are and what we really want.

That is why self-knowledge seems to me more important than knowledge on any technology, regardless of the means we use to get this self-knowledge: introspection, study, experiential learning, relationships, spiritual practices and so on. Study and learning, at least, can be facilitated by digital technology. What a great way to combine technology and personal growth!

Then, other advice for anyone who wants to make an online marketing career is to learn on a continuous basis through as many methods as possible: personal study, practical courses, workshops, webinars, controlled experiments, and mostly, through practice on projects as diverse as possible. 

I make appeal to an impartial arbitrator – my conscience

In my case, the Rational side was accustomed to be an authoritarian boss, but he finds it increasingly necessary to make a partnership with the Sentimental side. I still think the Rational side is the best decision maker, but the Sentimental side is able to provide the best “input” for long-term fulfilling decisions. In other words, I listen to my “heart” and I let the final decision to the “brain”!

To do this, I make appeal to an impartial arbitrator – my conscience. To access it, I do everything I can to “turn off” the inner noise, that mixture of other people voices and old limiting thoughts. It’s not always easy, but whenever I succeed, the reward is wonderful: a great clarity and a wonderful reconciliation between the Sentimental and Rational sides. 

Let’s think, what opportunity we have here …

The Romanian society is obviously facing many problems, but as I said, viewed from a constructive perspective, problems are, in fact, opportunities.

That’s why the “biggest problem” seems to me to be the very negative perception that we, Romanians, tend to have on us (you know fatalist or cynical statements such as “what to do, we live in Romania” or “we have a beautiful country, it’s a pity that it’s inhabited”, these being just two examples now coming in my mind). I believe this way of thinking is very destructive, because the way we think actually creates our reality and not the other way around, as we might be tempted to believe.

Going forward, even the “biggest problem” of negative perception can be converted into “the greatest opportunity” by anyone who wants to have a positive impact on society. Let’s think, for example, what opportunity is there for coaching professionals or for those who are working in the media! And these are just two examples.

In conclusion, no matter if you want to make a career or a business in Romania, if you have a vision, the determination to put it into practice and the willingness to learn permanently, my conviction is that you will succeed, despite any obstacles which you may encounter.

Mariana Tudose, Bucharest, 7th of February 2019


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