Mădălina Cheptea, Managing Partner Raich & Raich Real Estate: The pandemic has triggered an economic crisis and a human one.

Mădălina Cheptea, Managing Partner Raich & Raich Real Estate
Mădălina Cheptea, Managing Partner Raich & Raich Real Estate

Mădălina Cheptea, is Realtor, MBA of Seattle University and PhD in Economics of the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest – with a Magna Cum Laude thesis about the real estate market.  She is also the author of the scientific paper “Real Estate Market – A Locomotive of Romanian Economy”, published at the Academy of Economic Studies Publishing House in 2016, speaker at the events of online leaders in real estate, author of specialized articles and Managing Partner Raich & Raich Real Estate. With more than 17 years of business experience, of which 12 years in real estate, Madalina Cheptea built teams, mentored colleagues who are at different stages of their working life and built opportunities and transactions that show their value over time. She says the main professional quality gained is optimism about the human nature and how a business can be conceived, built and implemented. She  sees herself as a maker of business ecosystems and people-to-people relationships with a long-term vision.

C&B: Is real estate the field that accomplishes You the most?

Mădălina Cheptea: “Yes, I like what I do. I am passionate about storytelling houses, of personality houses, of real estate. I love the people that this profession brings in my path. I like to build teams, coordinate projects and solve situations. I like selling real estate. I like to bring joy to the people. I like to wander around the city and remember with joy certain houses, apartments or office buildings for which I found buyers and thus helped the owner. They are all part of my story that is still writing itself. If I were to be put in a position to choose my profession again, I would not choose another way.  I do my best to be a winner.  Such a position can only be achieved through work and will. Impossible does not exist for me.”

C&B: Speaking about the story, how does the story of your career or business sound like?

Mădălina Cheptea: “My story is one with ups and downs, like any real life and career story. With deceptions and achievements, disappointments and rewards from those who have my life. The important ones, friends for long road and, equally, bad and good weather remained. Because best friends are close to you on a sunny weather, but most of all on a rainy one.

As a teenage girl, George Bernard show impressed me, who asked what he would do if he could relive his life said: “I’d like to be the person I could have been but never was”. The great tragedy of life is not death, but to allow yourself  to die inside while you live. I have promised myself since then that I will not let the passion for my profession go out, the thirst to know, the aim of being a more trained and educated professional with every day that goes by, and the unconditioned love for people. And I promised that I would not forget for a second to be grateful for everything that comes my way. The feeling of gratitude is very important to be in balance with yourself and everything you face.

As I said, the story of my business and career is still writing itself. I want to make a difference in the real estate market where I work as a real estate broker/owner. I want to be a model of professionalism and ethics to follow, and Raich & Raich Premium Real Estate, our company, to be a nursery of well-trained professionals, as were other companies we raised, a partner that colleagues in the market can rely on, and to whom they can report. I want to be a great colleague and mentor. I wish to be the first and last name and telephone number, which comes to the head of real estate sellers or buyers, and which they decide to call for sale/purchase or real estate market advice.”

C&B: What were your childhood/adolescence visions and what are they now?

Mădălina Cheptea: “In childhood I thought firmly that each and every human being is defined by candour and kindness. I thought human beings incapable of lies and wound another human being. I dreamed of a world where everyone loved the other. Now I firmly believe in the tiring attempt to discover the candour and kindness of every human being.

In my teenage years I was constantly asking what my role in this land is? Why did we get here, on earth? What is my vocation? What does  represent me? What makes me unique?  What is my mission?

Later on, I realized the importance of defining my personal life and career vision.

My vision of personal life is that what remains of us when we will not be here physically present any more, is only the love with which we have surrounded all human beings around us, known or unknown.

My career vision is that the money you earn is in direct proportion to the need of people for what you are doing, with your ability to do it, and with the difficulty of being replaced. That is why it is very important to become a master of what you do. This requires on-going study and on-going concern for exceeding all limits.”

C&B: How did the Pandemic crisis affect your activity?

Mădălina Cheptea: “2020 was a prosperous year for the real estate market. It has been marked by changes in preferences of the buyers, and here I mean a new and very clear preference for the purchase of houses, due to isolation in apartments during the emergency state of March-June. Work on new buildings at various stages of work continued forcefully, and banks continued to finance buildings. Cash purchases were also above the volume of 2019.

On the business side, we continued the business & motivational training and mentoring programs we regularly follow, we kept old and new customers informed throughout the year about movements in national and international real estate markets, we were available with free real estate consultancy, and we’ve assisted them in the process of selling or buying.

We’ve followed and achieved our personal and team goals for 2020.

We have made location changes, we have taken into the portfolio exclusively new projects on the residential market. We set our 2021 goals and identified the actions to be taken to achieve them.

On the human side, this year has shown us that unforeseen circumstances are a constant of our lives, although we often fail to acqnowledge this. The pandemic (health crisis) has resulted in an economic crisis and, unfortunately, also a human crisis. It seems that empathy, attention to the surrounding people, the spirit of sacrifice, very important human qualities, have been seriously affected by this pandemic. It seems that “ I, myself, and I”, are the center around which our concerns and our attention revolve. We forgot that the one next to us is an “I” too.”

C&B: What advice/pieces of advice do You have for the beginners or for the undecided ones?

Mădălina Cheptea: “Deliver more quality than anyone expects you to do  and become indispensable teammate – these two things will help you not fail whatever you propose yourself to do. And if failure gets on your way, quickly go over, see where you made the mistake, learn, and continue.”

C&B: How is the success of a business measured?

Mădălina  Cheptea: “We live in a world where success is measured by how much money you have in your bank accounts. Totally wrong, in my opinion. Money is just a form of wealth. There are lots of people/businesses who have a lot of money and that is all they have. Real forms of prosperity are linked to: A strong internal life (after all, the exterior is just a reflection of what is inside); health (I don’t think it helps anyone to be the richest in the cemetery); family (the foundation of society, so struck as an institution by current society); Career; money (a form of prosperity because it is equal to freedom, freedom to do what you want); the people you are surrounded by; the spirit of adventure; the way you influence and help those around you, or simply saying what you give in return to society.

By paying attention to all these eight elements, we come to live a truly rich life.

What I firmly believe is that a business will never exceed the level of the owner of the business, just as a society will not exceed the level of its membership.”



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