Lavinia Țurcanu, founder of Target HR, considers that the vision for entrepreneurship starts always from a personal experience.

Lavinia Țurcanu, founder of Target HR
Lavinia Țurcanu, founder of Target HR

Lavinia Țurcanu has been working in the area of Human Resources for 16 years. She has a Bachelor of Law from the Law Faculty within the Romanian- American University of Galati and a Master Degree in Human Resources from the Law Faculty within the University of Bucharest. She then took up multiple specialisation classes in this area. Lavinia was a specialist in Human Resources and, later on, General Manager in Multinational companies that were dealing with: sales, advertising, communication and constructions (Wrigley, Leo Burnett Group/Publicis, Lowe & Partners and SMB Industrial Romania).

C&B: What is the story of your career or business?

Lavinia Țurcanu: “My story as an entrepreneur started one year and a half ago, when I created my own human resources agency, Target HR. My experience as an expert of human resources and manager of human resources helped me a lot; I had access to all the learning tools in order to move to the next phase.

For me, the entrepreneurship is a dream that was born when I created my first business with creme brûlée lollipops. And the first step for entrepreneurship was to move from the expert thinking to the visionary thinking.

One of the challenges that I met as an entrepreneur who started her business from scratch, without a initial large investment, was to deal with the uncertainties of the following day and to get used to the idea that there is no salary day anymore. This thing brought an extra responsibility which came, later on, with a lot of trust and satisfaction.” 

C&B: Describe or define your activity!

Lavinia Țurcanu: “I always felt that I have this gift of transmitting something useful to the others, to support them in discovering their skills, surpassing their limits and creating their own roads to success. Target HR appeared naturally, out of the passion for the human resources, supplemented by the will to offer each client or candidate, in part, the experience of a win- win partnership. We offer integrated services, for companies as well as candidates, in the processes of recruitment, management of staff, organisational psychology and coaching in professional development.” 

C&B: Which were your visions in childhood/ teenager years and which are they now?

Lavinia Țurcanu: “I have organisational and leadership skills ever since I was a child. I used to gather the children in front of my house and we used to organise shows or I was the teacher and I was doing lessons with the others. Currently I am still gathering people, not for shows, but for recruitment and coaching purposes; and I do it with the same passion as I used to, back in the days.”

C&B: Please tell us one story/ positive experience and a negative one related to your activity

Lavinia Țurcanu: “I wouldn’t call it a negative experience, any rejection or refusal was a lesson that helped me, later on. Every time I looked on the positive side of things and they didn’t turn up as I wanted, I didn’t not consider that I was failing. I understand we are here to learn the lessons and that the world is our teacher.”

C&B: What would your advice be for the ones who are just starting off or haven’t made up their minds yet?

Lavinia Țurcanu: “I am thinking what advice I would like to receive if I had to start all over again… Hmmm! Not to let go of my dream. To allow the dreams and vision to wake me up every morning. And when I face indecision, to make a choice and take actions in this area. As fast as we make a choice, opportunities will also start to come out.

In my case, the motivation presents itself when I do things, not when I think of them; when I step in the game and not when I stay on the bench. I would like to understand how important is the discipline and to learn to be organised from the very beginning. But this skill takes time and it is necessary to be gentle with ourselves.”

C&B: Please give us your own definition for the society and business in Romania!

Lavinia Țurcanu: “For me, the society is the playground where many people meet, with the ways of being and the resources which collaborate in order to achieve common goals. The same applies also in a business. As an entrepreneur, I have learnt that great things happen when you work passionately. Entrepreneurship can be a hard work, which, if you do it with passion, you transform it in a journey of which you enjoy every step.”


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