How does life and advertising see Eugen Suman, creative director at Friends TBWA

Eugen Suman@photo credit Eduard Cîrstea
Eugen Suman@photo credit Eduard Cîrstea

I am a copywriter, amateur writer and gamer just as amateur. I lead the creative department of FRIENDS \ TBWA \ BUCHAREST and on many days I filter ideas and I like to think that the good ones guide them on the strategy road in brief so that we can have a good campaign. Sometimes they produce them too. Other times, I have been judging campaigns at various international competitions – I have just returned from ADC Europe and I always try to make campaigns and advertisements to be at least a bit proud at the end of the day. Creative work is defined by curiosity and the ability to learn. A day when you did not learn something new is a lost day. I always enjoyed telling stories. I told them by poems when I published my book, now I’m telling them through commercials. It’s nice to realize that you do what you like and that things have always gone out just as you wished.

When we entered the publicity, the digital did not appear through any briefs, now it is not without one

I’m in 1900 advertising in the fall (I will not calculate how many years ago, if you want to calculate it) and feel that I have gone through several advertising industries, not by myself, so much has changed things, in fact, the world in all these years. In 2006, the digital did not appear through any briefs, now it is not without one, to give a simple example. I have been in several agencies in Bucharest, Bratislava or Prague; as a matter of fact, the creative director’s career has started outside the country. I realized there were still things to be done in the country, so I went back, even though there were even more Western offers. I feel like I found my place at Friends \ TBWA, the “breakup” methodology is one that is very close to my advertising way away from the beaten track.

The advice of Eugen Suman

Read everything that falls through your hands. Discover art, literature, life experiences. Be prepared to work as you never thought it would be possible. Always stay curious. Have patience. Fail harder, fail faster. Stay hungry for success, experience, briefings, life. Do not be assholes. Personally, I do not care too much about the happenings, be they positive. I can imagine that our mind is like a computer folder, if you load it too hard, you can not find anything, that’s why I do not mind trying to remember happenings, so if you ask me quickly, I do not get anything out of my head. If you ask me what brief I’m working on, I’m telling it from a breath, because it’s my priority now, that’s my thoughts. Moreover, a man’s mind is a complex construction in which emotions and reason mingle, depending on the circumstances and the state of the moment, so I do not believe in purely emotional or purely rational decisions. Reason and emotion are not struggling, they are well-off, colleagues of the brain. It is important to think about what each of us can do to society, the business they are involved in or for which they work and their own career or a friend. Cheers!


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