Gianina Comăneanu, Sales Manager at Bucharest by Car: “There were moments that did not give you the chance to think twice before a decision”

Gianina Comăneanu, Sales Manager at Bucharest by Car
Gianina Comăneanu, Sales Manager at Bucharest by Car

Gianina Comăneanu is sales manager. He says he is a calm, cerebral and energetic person. For 12 years she has been working with her husband, Bucharest by Car. It covers the financial and sales part of the company with 42 employees and a fleet of 19 cars.

The Story of Business with Transport Services

“In 2007, Bucharest by Car moved its only engine into a niche segment that seemed untouchable. The economic crisis in Romania has forced us to mature. We had to think as radically as possible, weigh the profile market and break (in different centers of construction) the two main services offered at that time – limousine hire and airport transfer. It was a time when the negative news cut off your impetus. However, we dared to offer all-inclusive transport packages and came up with new hire and outsourcing personal driver services. Concepts like Your Driver – you drink, we run and Valet parking (valet parking) were services for which, at that time, no one would have wished to waste their resources. 2008 – 2009 were the years of reversal or, in other words, a maximum period of agony and ecstasy. Today you had a winner and the next day you wondered if you had to close. There were moments that did not give you the chance to think twice before making a decision. Today, after 12 years of challenges, we look with satisfaction and with great responsibility to over 40 members of the Bucharest by Car team and its subsidiaries: Cluj by Car and Sibiu by Car.

What they are doing now, it’s fulfilling me

In my childhood I wanted to work in a charitable organization to help people. With age and faculty, I became more pragmatic and focused on business. At the age of 25 we coordinated a sales team of 14 agents. It’s happening in another company. A year later, at 26, I opened my first courier business. What they are doing now, it’s fulfilling me. Every honored transport request is a success for the whole team, but there is a special merit behind those behind the wheel. They are the business card of our company and those who through professionalism succeed in materializing the daily challenges in positive experiences. “

We are 100 years ago

“Perhaps I am educated, I see the pragmatic part of things. In my opinion, we live, express and act in a formation society, in transformation, but with great chances to lose our values ​​if we do not invest in them. I honestly think we are 100 years behind Western Europe. We do not lose hope. We as a nation have proven that we have the resources to come back when nobody has given us chances. We’ll do it now. Each of us must act. We must propose to overcome the current condition and believe that we can and we have the power to contribute to a new, more educated, more valuable and more efficient society. We have to keep up with the times and the technology. We do that. For example, we launched and own a phone app available on the site for airport transfer, car rental with driver, and Your Driver service. For those interested in opening a business or developing it, I recommend them to initially color their business. We are too smart as a nation to not do that, especially if we understand it is essential to us. “


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