Florica Bud, a writer who had the power to give up a 15-year career for the cultural career.

Florica Bud presented by academician Nicolae Breban
Florica Bud presented by academician Nicolae Breban

I’m Florica Bud, a good and warm man, but a difficult woman. We also had entrepreneurial experiences, but they were not pleasant. It was a small business that I gave up after 15 years. My only advantage was that, before and in parallel with it, I was involved in cultural life. With your acceptance, I will exclude the entrepreneurial experience of my statements, to emphasize my career as a writer.

I participated in childhood at a school near the Ulmeni General School, Maramures, where I came to the world. The criterion we selected was the 10th average in Romanian language and literature. Then I tried to compose poems. I liked to read, but it did not pass through my mind that I could write. In high school, I signed up for real and I went to a technical college. My dream was to finish a college, build a family, and have a library full of books. After having all of them and especially reading time, I felt that I did not do enough. The subconscious sent me signals, that I am a drone who does not want to get tired to bring to light the grace I received at birth. So, I started to be a centaur, almost thirty years old now. And in parallel I was educated to sit at the table.

The brain wanted to download its contents

In my childhood I did not go but hop. I was learning, walking around in the garden, in the yard or in the house, depending on the season. I did not like homework, especially transcribing it clean. I mean, to do the same thing twice, it seemed like an affront to the patience of a child! No wonder, I had a handwriting, ugly and illegible. So I did not start on the writing path. It has been hard for me to eliminate the distance between the brain and the hand. The brain wanted to unload its content, the right hand made body with the body, which did not seem willing to sit at the table. Grace had a great enemy, my volcanic temper. Higher punishment than the state of the chair – with hours, days, then years – could not send me … The Upper.

I told you it would be a good idea to get it over

In 2000 … the end of the world did not come, but for me it was about to end the literary career. With a group of Hindu writers I fought for a local literary magazine. Our dream is fulfilled. I should also have a heading in this magazine. When the magazine appeared, my colleagues told me that there was no room for my heading. I had started the business, which like any business took me all the time, but it was not an activity for me. I was somewhat backing up on the literary life, which then turned out to be just a rod of paper that dipped under the splash of the first summer rain. I gave up writing and I said that, that’s it. In 2005 appeared the first edition of the Romanian General Dictionary of Romanian Literature, written by the Romanian Academy, in which I appeared, being a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union in 1998. I was and I remained despite the slaughter that wants me stuck, exalted … what enjoys everything. As such, I enjoyed my heart and told myself that it would be a good idea to get it over. It has been hard for me to fight with the lack of confidence that had been tactically installed in that half-century. I started and as long as it depends on me, I will not stop. Meanwhile, I was invited to have a heading, not a magazine, but two.

“My advice for talented young people, who start writing with an elk, would be one: to go to Philology and to do a doctorate. It will be more and more difficult for an X to take a break, or for talent would have if he would not be well entangled in a universe that includes philological, philosophical, historical personalities, etc. “

About Sentimental vs. Rational and Fun vs Native Talent

Unfortunately, or fortunately, he has defeated and will always defeat the Sentiment, even if the Raional has scrambled and writhing, giving me epithets, not quite like the ears of a sensitive man.

If the position in the army breaks down in the current literary field – I’m afraid that in the future too – the name, function and university degree can always give the title … literary talent born and not done in laboratories.

                     Florica Bud, Baia Mare, January 31, 2019


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