Emanuel Anti, the doctor who helped a teenager to regain confidence in her through a rare surgery in Romania

Doctor Emanuel Anti
Emanuel Anti

Emanuel Anti is the 33-year-old doctor who, a month ago, helped a teenager to regain her confidence in herself through a rare operation in Romania. We were all curious about the motivation of such a young doctor to try a premiere operation. However, what is the way that Emanuel Anti has followed to excel in his field?

Emanuel Anti in surgery
Emanuel Anti in surgery

You have recently performed a rare operation in Romania. Tell us what it is.

Indeed, we have performed a rare operation, but it should be done more often. It is rare because it is carried out only in several university centers in Romania. I managed to bring such cases to the County Hospital in Bacau, which is a huge plus for the hospital.

The operation has never been done at SJU Bacau. How did you decide to take the teenage case?

The beginning was difficult – the first time was the desire to perform, then it was the work to build a team, the choice and the acquisition of the technique, and finally we had to keep in mind the hospital’s willingness to pay for it all. The case was sent to us by a doctor orthodont.emanuel anti

You’re young. Have patients ever been reticent about your age or experience?

I have never felt the reluctant patients. Maybe they were, but not in my presence. I think he’s trusting.

You operated in the hospital, but I know you’re working in the private field as well. How do you manage to share your time between SJU Bacau, your clinic and the rest of your collaborations?

Yes, I work both in private and in the state. As long as I can do the desired performance in both, I do not see why not. Usually doctors choose private practice because they do not find conditions in the state. Not my case, the facilities in my hospital are at the highest level. It is important not to be driven by the material gains in this job.

You chose buco-maxillo-facial surgery. What was the way you followed in terms of studies and how do you manage to keep up?

Maxillofacial surgery is the specialty that requires tremendous training for the title of specialist. Both the graduate of general and dental medicine, then a five year resident. However, training does not end here. Medicine moves fast, you have to always go to classes and congresses abroad, and these are not at all cheap. You must always invest in your preparation, and this requires great sacrifices. Emanuel anti

Most physicians or future surgeons have considered the possibility of leaving the country for higher wages. Have you ever thought of leaving?

Yeah, I thought I’d go. My reason was performance, believing it would be hard to touch it. I never thought to go for material gains, and if I got to perform here, I did not find the motivation to go. However, I get very often offers from abroad, I think all doctors in Romania are receiving and it is hard to refuse them if they do not find here what they want.

Every career man encounters difficult moments along the way. How did you manage to overcome yours?

That’s right, difficult moments always exist. To be honest, I do not know how I get over them so easily. I’m probably protected by a divine force that helps me not to be hijacked from my career.

Being a doctor, do you have more time for personal life?

It’s more difficult with your personal life. I learned to live without it. ?

What are your plans for the future?

I want to attend some training courses in a branch of maxillofacial surgery, an overspecialization. This will mean I’m going to a clinic in the EU for a while.

Initial News:
Two hours, a talented doctor and an ambitious team are, apparently, the ideal recipe for a success in medicine. Emanuel Anti is the only 33-year-old doctor who brought the buco-maxillo-facial section back to Bacau Emergency County Hospital (SJU) through a rare operation.
Bianca Andone, aged 17, is one of the patients who was born with a jaw abnormality. This affection caused him chewing pain, made her unable to smile because her teeth were rare and put a barrier between her and the other teenagers.
Due to the high complexity of surgery, it is usually performed in large clinics in Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi. However, both the teenager and her parents wanted the jaw reconstruction to be performed at SJU Bacau, close to the house. Dr. Emanuel Anti and his team took the risks and gave the adolescent what he dreamed of: a normal life and a smile that he would not be ashamed of.

Emanuel Anti and adolescent girl; Photo Source: Desteptarea

“The intervention itself consists in cutting the jaw bone and repositioning it after some calculations that give some ideal parameters of man’s image and functionality. But the treatment does not end with my intervention. It lasts for six months, even one year, there may be a second intervention and is completed by the orthodontist. I place the maxillary bones and the orthodontist comes after me and puts my teeth. “, Explained Dr. Emanuel Anti, BMF Surgical Practitioner at SJU Bacau.
The operation proved to be a success, and after nine days the patient is happy with how the treatment progresses. At the moment, he carries a special dental appliance that has the right to place his teeth properly, according to the Desteptarea.
“Three months ago I started to wonder what I can do. I had a swollen face, it was very oval, sometimes when I was eating, it hurt me, it was hard for me to smile because of my teeth and I wanted to fix this problem. Now I feel really good. “

Before surgery; Photo Source: ZiarBacau
Before surgery; Photo Source: ZiarBacau

The dento-maxillary anomaly it suffers is a discrepancy between the jaw that affects speech, swallowing or breathing. Unlike the rest, patients suffering from such a condition can not lead a normal life. In addition to pain during mastication and swallowing, dental and facial aesthetics can be severely affected.
If the condition is discovered until the age of 12, the jaw defect can be corrected without surgery.


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