Diana Sarban, about fashion, innovative and business accessories


Fashion-loving and wishing to bring a new breath to the accessories area, Diana created the opportunity for women in Romania to adopt wardrobes made of silicone in the wardrobe with a stylish design and the possibility to be personalized.

What prompted you to launch a business that addresses women?

As a woman, I understand the need for female sex representatives to always be on the trend. Being new and innovative products, JUSTO gadgets are fashionable abroad and I thought to bring a versatile product to the Romanian market that can be adapted to any outfit and moment of the day. I have always chuckled with the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, but I wanted to develop a soul business in which to mix management with passion.

What are the advantages of the JU’STO gloves in front of the competition?

Emanuele Magenta, the JU’STO handbag designer, has created a superior product to other accessories that he has thought and created in the past, using superior quality materials and a wider range of products. For example, watches whose dials and belts can change, scarves that can be worn on your head, wrist, neck, or handkerchiefs, classic wallets or coins, with lots of compartments, phone covers and earphones, keychains. The novelty item we are trying to promote in the JU’STORE store in Baneasa Shopping City’s Feeria Gallery is the versatility of the accessories, each of which is customizable. That is, any customer who wants to buy a bag can create different models through the imagination power, choosing items from a wide and varied range. Moreover, when he gets bored of that bag, he can come back to it, changing the interior, handles or adding new items. Of course, we can also call our shopping consultants who can guide them in choosing the most exciting models or bags tailored to their needs.

What does JUSTO bags really mean and how does the brand rank internationally?

JUSTO bags have a very affordable price, anyone can afford them. Design and colors make them suitable for people of any age and any concerns. There are some fashionable bags. At international level, the JUSTO brand is available in 53 countries and is distributed by many retailers, and the global expansion plan includes flagship stores in Asia, Australia and e-commerce in areas with high openness to online shopping.

Who is behind this product?

Designer Emanuele Magenta and an entire Italian team are working every day to improve this brand. Emanuele was born in Milan in 1976 and was passionate about design, and immediately after completing his studies in the field, he began working for the famous architect Piero Lisoni. Collaboration lasted 10 years, and Emanuele was highly appreciated for his ideas and talent. A short period followed in the British design studio Barber & Osgerby, after which she decides to change her way to fashion. Now he is the designer of accessories of the moment and a really skilled businessman. Since 2011 he has opened his own MERIGHT studio and has since appeared in numerous international magazines, even on the cover of Vogue Accesories.

How has the silicone idea been received on a stylish accessory and product versatility by women in Romania?

Initially, women in Romania were amazed at the use of silicone but in time they understood how useful and important it is to have a bag that you can easily clean (even with a simple cloth or a wet napkin) , very durable and lightweight (to which no added weight of natural skin), a bag that can be worn at any outfit and you can compose it as you like. It’s a waterproof bag, and silicone does not bother, as it’s crafted to create the feel and look of Safiano skin. I think that women in Romania have become more attentive to the way they consume and make shopping consciously and pragmatically. It’s easier to buy a durable bag in time and you can customize it according to your heart’s lust and be in line with trends. At the same time, more and more customers have become the followers of the Eco-style and are afraid to buy natural leather bags for which animals have been sacrificed.

What are the essentials of the summer collection?

Summer Collection 2017 JU’STO is delicate and full of style, based on the contrast between the minimalism of shapes and precious materials, these innovative elements that lead to a retro-romantic style, according to almost any outfit. Light colors, fresh, textured and glitter materials, raffia, leather, stones applications are part of this concept that surprises with an atypical opulence. However, the biggest challenge is choosing the right accessory from the eight bag models, with specific names, all out in


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