Daniela Badaluta, Founding President of RECREX: “This crisis has led to the irreversible change of the organizational culture in every company”

Daniela Badaluta, Founding President of RECREX
Daniela Badaluta, Founding President of RECREX

Daniela Badaluta is an entrepreneur, RECREX Founding President, mother, and wife. Acquaintances characterize her as an extremely determined person and focused on details. In her filed of work details make the difference, along with proactive and innovative solutions to protect customer interests. She is a very good negotiator. She pursues and considers that both parties involved in the business relationship deserve to be treated correctly and fair. The biggest advantage of the company she owns is the care and openness to customers and partners. This allowed her to enter into lucrative partnerships with reputable names in the insurance and claims management market in Europe and the US.

C&B: Make a description or define your activity!

Daniela Badaluta: “As an entrepreneur I have tried and developed business in several business areas, but the area that provoked and inspired me the most is claims management and insurance fraud, especially the international Green Card system, respectively the identification of solutions for the internal and international market. The greatest achievement is when customers and the community in which we live benefit from the best services, without hidden interests and we manage to “break” the patterns of old and harmful systems.

In simple words. I can say that our role (of Recrex) is to represent EU partners and clients in Romania and Bulgaria for claims management, in order to collaborate with clients in these two countries, in order to provide them with specialized advice in insurance, but also to defend their interests.

The collaboration with Crawford USA allows us to further increase the quality level of services, given the fact that they are the largest company in the world for the management and assessment of insurance claims. In other words, our activity is complex and is divided into two main categories: claims management and specialized insurance consultancy dedicated to insurance companies.”

C&B: When and how did the entrepreneurial adventure begin for you?

Daniela Badaluta: “More than 15 years ago, I started on the path of entrepreneurship. My first goal was to add value to the field in which I work, to be among the best, to make a positive impact in other people’s lives and to develop as a leader on a global scale – I sensed a great potential. The foundations of development and strategies have always been strengthened through perseverance and study, the need to know and the joy of proceeding best through innovation and initiative.

Even if I worked in distinct fields such as construction, banking or investment, and now (n.r. for 8 years) in the field of insurance, I think a good leader is one who is interested in the needs of the team and customers. Also, the true leader does not impose gender or age barriers and demonstrates seriousness and involvement. I think the biggest advantage is that I learned a lot from the fields of activity in which I worked.”

C&B: What does an international leader need and how can he self-evaluate?

Daniela Badaluta: “It’s not easy to self-evaluate, it’s better to let others do it. However, a leader knows his qualities and what he has to improve – because he is analytical and strategic.

It is said that when you learn a foreign language, you adapt to a new culture, and when you speak that language you are part of that culture. One of these defining qualities is to adapt to new cultures by accepting differences and enjoying similarities. Therefore, I feel blessed to speak five languages ​​and I have been able to draw inspiration from those cultures.

A leader who has the talent and courage to be an entrepreneur, has qualities such as: integrity, inspiration, emotional intelligence, creativity and innovation, trust and, last but not least, humanity.

From experience as an international leader, I can say that there is a great need for self-knowledge – invaluable in your ascension and a guide in making strategic decisions with realism and confidence. At the same time, you have to be a good connoisseur of human typology to choose the right people in the team so that you have their support. “

C&B: What were your visions in childhood / adolescence and what are they now?

Daniela Badaluta: “I was a child with great aspirations and very curious. I dreamed of becoming a great businesswoman. I feel lucky, because I received entrepreneurial education and leadership from an early age. Very early on, I realized that this is what I want to do with my professional career. I also wanted to know more foreign languages (n.r. speaks 5 languages), to travel, even to visit the whole world. Last but not least, I wanted to benefit the whole world and leave a valuable legacy. “

C&B: How did the Pandemic Crisis influence your activity and what conclusions did you draw?

Daniela Badaluta: “This crisis has brought for us all changes, in our lives, in our work. On a personal level, it was like a stop from the daily commotion and forced us to see both inside and in the family, so this crisis brought to light more than ever the importance of family.

Professionally, this crisis has helped us make beneficial changes, address even more collaborative management, adaptive management and put more focus on efficiency. Basically, this has led to the irreversible change of organizational culture in every company, small or large, public or private. The architecture of these changes depends on the approach, and the enthusiasm for change makes the transition easier, avoiding or minimizing collective stress.”

C&B: What advice do you have for those who are just starting out or undecided?

Daniela Badaluta: “Career is a long winding road, with many challenges, but also with many satisfactions. Entrepreneurs and leaders are those who have a lot of will and courage, those who want to do more and never have the main goal of the achievement on an economic level. Motivation comes from goals, and the financial part is just a consequence.

I urge those who want to start a business first of all to let their dreams come true, to overcome themselves with courage and determination, and if the so-called failures intervene, they are in fact invaluable lessons and experiences.

When we talk about the key elements in building a successful leader or entrepreneur, we can list a few points of impact such as continuing education, coordinating a group involving professionals, firmness of character and determination to succeed. At the same time conveying safety and power in the organization of people and business, in promoting a business model composed of a set of values (professionalism, initiative, trust and innovation).”

C&B: How do you see the Romanian society, business and careers?

Daniela Badaluta: “Because I love and believe in what I do, when I decided to return to Romania, I chose to develop in a region that is on the rise. I wanted to contribute to the development of this region of Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, the opportunities offered by the current business environment are enormous, due to the need to cover many needs of society through better services, and competitiveness always increases the quality of service and is always beneficial.

Romanian society and business environment is constantly changing, with increasingly strong trends oriented to the West, but let’s not forget that we have authentic concepts that honour us abroad through innovation, high quality education, but also through flexibility and adaptability.”


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