Cristina Scutaru, European Association of Mentoring and Coaching Council Romania: Are we using the resources at hand or are we complaining about that which is missing?

Cristina Scutaru, European Association of Mentoring and Coaching Council Romania
Cristina Scutaru, European Association of Mentoring and Coaching Council Romania

Cristina Scutaru is a Senior Recruiter, Executive Coach and Trainer, someone who describes themselves as a specialist in constructing and harmonizing relations between people. Recently she took over the management of the European Association of Mentoring and Coaching Council Romania, a professional reference organization in the field of coaching, mentoring and supervision.

C&B: Could you please describe or define your activity!

Cristina Scutaru: “When working with people I have various approaches, in function of their specific needs. I interact with them and I like getting to know people in my role as recruiter, when interviewing them, as a coach, when they tell me their ambitious goals, as well as a their career counselor or trainer. I was once told I have the empathy of a doctor. Upon reflection, I realised that it could be true. In the same manner that we have a family doctor, we should also have a consultant for familial relations. I observed that most times, when we have conflicts or challenging relations within our families, the help is welcomed.”

C&B: What is the story of your career or your business?

Cristina Scutaru: “My story is simple, born from positive experiences and lessons, finding what I really want in life at the end of the road. I think back at the steps which brought me here and I am happy that finally I am doing what I truly like, what fulfills me and gives me the necessary energy and desire to give to others. I started my career in the field of human resources, working my way from beginner specialist to manager. However, I asked myself: Is this it? How can I develop more to help more people? Suddenly, I decided to abandon the comfort of a job in a multinational firm, in order to start on a path of my own. After years of personal growth, books read, notes taken, after the conference and workshops I attended, certificates I obtained in coaching, I can confidently say that I have the necessary tools to support clients in obtaining what they wish.”

C&B: what were your childhood/adolescence dreams and what are they now?

Cristina Scutaru: “In my childhood and adolescence I dreamed of studying in a good university and getting a well-paying job. Today, I realise that I have a completely different mission: to help people in having peaceful relationships with others, and in being successful, regardless of what that it means to each individual to be successful.”

C&B: Your activity involves only positive experiences or also negative?

Cristina Scutaru: “I believe I had a lot of positive experiences in my life, from people who have inspired me to important lessons. To work independently, as a freelancer, was a real challenge, with positive effects but also some negative.

C&B: What advice would you have for those who are at the beginning or are undecided?

Cristina Scutaru: “If you find yourself at the beginning of the road or you don’t know which path to take, think of the motivation which brought you to that point, from where you take your energy and remember your favorite activities from childhood. What were the games you enjoyed, what did you want to be when you grew up. Reflecting on these, you will realise what is right for you and what you do with pleasure, naturally and with ease.

C&B: Please give us a proper definition for society, business, and careers in Romania!

Cristina Scutaru: “Romanian society is, from my perspective, quite patchy. We are still in a pioneering phase in many domains, however from this point come many opportunities in business and career development. It depends very much on the perspective we use. We either use the resources which we have or complain about what is missing? In definition: it is a simple choice”

Cristina Scutaru



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