Cristina Nilă, Financial Director FintechOS: “Results without sustained efforts do not exist, while planning and control are essential.”

Cristina Nilă, Financial Director FintechOS
Cristina Nilă, Financial Director FintechOS

Cristina Nilă is the Financial Director of FintechOS, mother, wife and career woman. Appreciates and respects honesty, dedication and dignity. She considers herself an altruistic person who gives confidence and support to the people with whom she works. She is licensed in engineering and economics, with a MBA in Business Administration and extensive experience in IT – ERP implementation. Constantly results-oriented, in the last 18 years she achieved experience in financial management. She believes that “results without sustained efforts do not exist, while planning and control are essential when coordinating a business from a top management role.” Involved daily in strategic decision-making activities within the company, she manages and coordinates the entire financial planning process and cash flow management, monitoring systems and financial reporting of the company. She has had and has an important role to play in dealing with investors, managing due diligence processes, both from financial – accounting and commercial perspective.

C&B: Mrs. Nilă, how’s your career story?

Cristina Nilă: “I come from a small southern town. Since childhood, I wanted to self-indulge, learn and develop myself, so that later I could have a word to say in any company I worked for. My father was my honesty and professional ethics model after which I’ve guided my evolution, and then I’ve enjoyed the unconditional support of my husband.

Having a logical and mathematical thinking , in 1989 I chose to attend the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, at a time when the competition was of ten candidates / position . A few years later I was working in a computer services company as a programmer. Later on, I was a database administrator, ERP implementation project manager, and financial controller.

In the meantime, I’ve attended the Faculty of Accounting and Management Information Systems, and in 2007 I was already moving to the position of Financial Director within a 100% British company with a production, services and B2B sales profile. Two years later I took over the coordination of the company and also started the courses at the CNAM – MBA in Business Administration. During those nine years spent in this company I had great professional satisfaction as the company was growing nicely, ending with a due diligence process that led to the sale of the company to a German logistics group.

A year later I came to the conclusion I had to follow my career path. So in 2016 I’ve decide to join as Financial Director an IT company in full ascension. 18 months later, I was coordinating financial speaking a group of companies, with newly established companies both in the country and in the UK. Starting October 2018, I’m the Financial Director in FintechOS, a well-known start-up, with a powerful rise, which in just a few months from its beginning became the first and only Romanian company enrolled in the UK Microsoft Startup Accelerator in London.

FintechOS is a high-tech company delivering a technology-as-a-service platform for banks, insurance companies and enterprise financial services organisations who need to accelerate innovation, drive growth and retain customers through digital transformation processes 10 times faster than in a traditional development environment and with extremely low operational costs.

Besides graduating from an MBA, I think the people I’ve worked with helped me the most in my professional career. With all the steps I have made, I am proud of having gained a vast financial experience, expanding my business experience, both at the operational and understanding technology level.”

C&B: What were your visions in childhood / adolescence and who are now?

Cristina Nilă: “As a child I dreamed to become a mathematics teacher, then a French teacher. With time, I’ve realized that I would not enjoy to work in a public system and started my own private journey. The engineering profession provided me a logical and pragmatic thinking, which has always helped me in my CFO career. The relations developed over time with the beautiful and intelligent people I’ve worked with and still do are priceless. From any experience I’ve learned: sometimes in a harder way, others easier. I believe that everyone must leave a trace through life, not live in vain, be present in his or her life and those around.”

C&B: Tell us a positive / negative / happening / experience!

Cristina Nilă: “I have positive experiences every day. Optimistic, without being beyond cure, I try to see in every person and in any situation the positive parts, to find solutions when problems occur. There is a balance between positive and negative experiences in life, but the last ones help us to get out of the comfort zone and to self-indulge.

Over time, I was disappointed by the people I trusted and didn’t meet or, worse, betrayed my expectations. My family, my daughter Andreea-Ioana and my husband Gabriel, gives me hope and recharge me with positive energy every day.”

C&B: What advice / tips do you have for those initially or undecided?

Cristina Nilă: “It’s more a guidance than an advice – to always strive for more, to get out of the comfort zone and not to lose confidence in themselves. Each of us has a chance, sometimes we only need to be aware of this.”

C&B: In your case, for what or what does Rational and Sentimental fight?

Cristina Nilă: “I consider Rational and Emotional feelings complement each other, though in most cases when talking about me Rational wins, not necessarily in counterpart with the Emotional. But yes, the people we interact with influence us, and without passion we cannot achieve important things.”

C&B: How do you see the society, businesses and careers in Romania?

Cristina Nilă: “From my perspective, all three components must coexist and complement. The maturity of society members leads to the maturity of businesses, when knowledge combines the creative character with the innovative.

Career starts from education, from our role within society, including family, and continues throughout life. The society we live in is mobile, being influenced by a changing business environment, which sets the course of careers in a particular field.

I believe that professional reconversion is vital in areas where there is no longer the same need, the ascendant path of a person’s careers depending on their ability to adapt to the current and future needs of society.”


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