Cristina Chiriac: “I think the taste of the public can be reeducated with tact and constancy”

Cristina Chiriac - Floride ie
Cristina Chiriac - Floride ie

Cristina Chiriac is the president of the Federation of Employers ‘Employers’ Federation, the founder of the Flori de ie, the female entrepreneurship ambassador, the TEDx Speaker, the traditional Art Promoter and tv creator. It has grown in the ambition of the idea, inherited by its parents, that the qualities that it misplaced miserably lead to a lost destiny. He has built his education so that he can rise even to the level of his own expectations that he says are huge. From his father he learned that he can not get more than his work and his own investments. He is considered the daughter of this earth and does what he has learned: boys grow in respect for work and respect for the working people. He stands close to those with whom he resonates and strives to show another face of Romania to those who have lost their hope.

“Passion is the word that accompanies me in my work, because I have chosen to detach myself from those who bother my ideals. Promote value. In a society shaken by values, I am stubborn to discover values. I strive, especially at the Romanian Entrepreneurs Association and the National Confederation for Women Entrepreneurship, to support the often heroic effort of those who do not get bored. I say things by name and this is not always seen, applauded, but I do not give up, I am an incurable optimist and I believe with all the power that entrepreneurship is the only solution for Romania’s economic foundation.

The beautiful was born of the purity of the spirit

Looking from outside my career may seem ups and downs because it was a time when I gave priority to the public administration, strongly believing that things could change. I have a cv. long. I am a graduate of economics and legal science, a few Masters, a Doctorate in Economics, a Mediator, an International Mediator in Mediation, and I am a member of all professional bodies in the economic field. After eight years of public administration, I concluded this chapter with a book – the only eloquent book in Romania on privatization (Great Privatization, Paideea Publishing House) and I returned to entrepreneurship.

I have always put education on the forefront and this has helped me enormously to understand that I have to go through all the stages. I have learned, worked and constantly evolving, and have accepted different life challenges precisely because I believe in progress and I believe the future is built with people and deeds.Today, people call me on the street: Mrs. Fori de ie J, and if I started out, I’m proud now. Flori de ie is the latest entrepreneurial project, a project in which I find myself and which gives me the power to hope that someday there will be an Entrepreneurial Romania.

When you grow up like me, other princes and borangic marbles, you can not fail to recognize at some point that the beautiful was born of the purity of the spirit and the aesthetic sense of the peasants. This is how Flowers were born. Now I think if I analyze the DNA spiral, there would be stitches, signs, and colors. The story of my business is the honesty of appreciating the unique wealth of the Romanians – the popular costume. If the jersey is a trademark of India or Spain’s crinoline dress, why do not we like to see in our photo, lace, peel, breastplate, our proud marks? When you are happy with what you know better, when you are honest with yourself and those around you, the story of my business can always be the brave entrepreneurial story of all those who dare today to be their own master.

Cristina Chiriac

I’m the harshest judge

The childhood and adolescence spent on the Muscelean land were impregnated by the spirit of these places, which gave Romania symbols of the world. I also dreamed to show others that I am capable of extraordinary things until I understand that I only have to convince myself, because I am my most harsh judge.

Meetings of all that means Flori de ie are a number of positive experiences. Of course, life gave me the other side of the story, and I struck the jealousy and the wickedness of some, but I smiled to myself and went on. Small people meet all the way, it depends only on us if we want to make people big or not. I, I chose to ignore them.

Produce what you want to consume!

For those who have decided to start an entrepreneurial activity, I would tell them to carefully choose the field, do what they like and best understand, risk wisely, analyze the market well, and not be afraid to innovate. I think that the taste of the public can be re-educated with tact and constancy towards quality products and this is also the task of the entrepreneurs. To produce what you want to eat as for yourself and your family, with respect for consumers and employees, I think these are the ways that the Romanian entrepreneurial society should develop, shoulder to shoulder with the market.

Good will and good thought conquer together

My effort to preserve old costumes and to give them a new life, turning them into key elements for contemporary gowns, is both tricky and beautiful, educative and emotional. I want to restore the dignity of the Romanian folk costume in its two forms – traditional and reinvigorated with new modern valences. I think my rational is the winner precisely because it acts with a feeling of feeling, the will comes in the package with good thinking and conquering together.

About Society, Business and Careers in Romania

Society, businesses and careers in Romania are a sequence of the struggle of gold seekers, in their exhausting and careful effort to blacken the golden sand brought by running water, only that they always change their sieve and do not manage to adapt.


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