Clinical IDentity, 10 years on the Romanian market

IDentity Clinic
IDentity Clinic

IDentity Clinic celebrates 10 years since he is with his patients. 10 years of healthy and beautiful smiles, 10 years in which the specialists of the clinic have been constantly evolving, and its modernization with the latest equipment has made it rank among the most appreciated and sought-after clinics in the capital.

“Our clinic offers top 10 dental treatments. We are happy that we can give the patients the proper care and we will be close to them, as we have used them so far, in a relaxed, modern and specialized environment, “says Dr. Raluca Pascu, dental primary physician, Orthodontic specialist and ODF.

New look, new equipment at the 10th anniversary

The iDentity Clinic changed its appearance at the age of 10 years. The 4 individual cabinets have been upgraded and personalized so that patients feel great during the treatments and forget about the dentist. New, new generation,

“Professional care is a good investment as it diminishes the early loss of teeth and thus the number of extensive protein works. We take care of the patients’ health through the treatments we offer and the strict hygiene and sterilization measures. We use state-of-the-art materials and tools, disposable supplies and sterilization procedures to the highest standards, “the specialist explains.

Without fear of a dentist

IDentity Clinic specialists use a modern device that transforms dental anxiety into a calm and relaxing state through the inhalation procedure. This is a safe and very effective method of relaxing patients, very suitable for both children and adults.

“Nitrous oxide is a gas that, in combination with oxygen, combats anxiety about dental treatments. In addition, nitrous oxide is the safest method of sedation used in dental treatment, being a gentle, nontoxic gas that is eliminated alone from the body. Unlike general anesthesia, patients who inhaled nitrous oxide are aware and receptive during treatment, “says Dr. Raluca Pascu.

Effective and quality treatments

Here the treatments are of the highest quality, this is due to both the latest generation technology and the professionalism of the doctors. The SmartOptic Endodontic Microscope has been purchased for the best treatment.

“The benefits of this microscope are countless, first and foremost with this device the precision is maximum for detecting foreign bodies on the channels. Since the treatment on the canal requires a lot of patience, the microscope facilitates the work of the endodont and, at the same time, increases the quality of the treatments. Once we have maximum visibility on the endodontic space, channel treatment leads to fairness, rapidity, and tries to achieve perfection, “says the specialist.

The whole team promises a continued development and service upgrading to ensure that patients receive quality, personalized care in a place where dentist fear does not exist.

Dentistry Clinic iDentity Băneasa provides integrated dental services for each of its patients. Ultramodern equipment and efficient and experienced team of specialists provide patients with the best medical care. The clinic offers quality services such as: Pedodontics, Dental Esthetics, Odontotherapy, Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Implantology, Dental Alveolar Surgery, Paradontology, Oral Pathology, Orthodontics, Dental Radiology.


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