Claudia Burghelea, Marketing Director Dacia Plant: In 30 seconds, understand that you are healthy.

Claudia Burghelea
Claudia Burghelea

I am Claudia (Claudia Burghelea), simply. A cheerful and curious man, irremediably in love with people, who enjoy the challenges and outdoor activities. I am a Marketing Director at Dacia Plant and I am lucky to have a team of 5 people (two Brand Managers, a Digital Manager, an Art Designer and a Copywriter) dedicated to me in the marketing department, dedicated and passionate about what they are doing. Together, we think about the entire product launch and promotion process. From idea to implementation. It is a very complex process that includes company-level project management, market research, price strategy, brand strategy, analysis, branding, promotion and communication. Each action has a strategy and a well-planned plan behind and nothing left to chance. We are active in a very dynamic and challenging market, both legally and competitively.

I was lucky to work with real professionals

I work in 12 year marketing. We started at a time when marketing was not an area that was considered interesting or very important, and the general perception was that we had to write, make flyers and brochures and the title was a marketing referent. I was lucky to work at a large, dairy-based company, newly established at that time in Romania, who came up with an international vision of what marketing means in a producing company. There I formed as a marketing man, I understood the breadth of things, the overall picture and what really means working in this field. It was the moment when I fell in love irremediably and I knew my direction.

The story with Dacia Plant came in a pink period of my life, when the opportunity to apply as Brand Manager, a rare position in Brasov, emerged. I’m convinced that it was not a coincidence, I needed a change, both professionally and personally, and I think it’s important that your way of getting into organizational culture. It was exactly what I needed. Once again, I was lucky to work side by side with real professionals and to have as a direct superior Carmen Dinca, a perfect professional from whom I learned a lot. After one year, I was promoted to Marketing Director and 3 years later I’m still here with great plans and great results.

“The society we live in is a half burned tree that will always find resources to regenerate, especially if you pay attention to it.”

I wanted to attend the theater faculty classes

I was a happy child, educated and raised with freedom and much love. As a teenager, a lightly rebellious thread and the desire not to be common. My parents always supported my choices and let me seek, find and define my personality without imposing a way of being. In my adolescence, I wanted to attend the drama and film faculty, but I chose to go to the faculty of Letters just because I enjoyed reading.

I have the belief that at the background, people never change, but we have the ability to constantly improve ourselves. As a vision, things have not changed drastically, but now I look and understand life with other eyes, more realistic, more temperate, but that may also be because I have come to understand who I really are and to accept with good and bad .

Crazy, we cough everyone and we know what it is

At Dacia Plant, in terms of the fact that most of the activities are internally designed, I have a lot of happenings and beautiful experiences, so I will achieve the last achievement I have had. It’s a project that we have been working for nearly a year, Calmotusin, which has benefited from a portfolio rebranding and development this year (we have developed three more forms of administration) and a whole new approach. It was a courageous move, since it is the most famous Dacia Plant product and any marketer knows that the changes are risky, especially in the field of dietary supplements. All these changes came with a campaign we are running right now, a campaign that breaks the perception that the disease, the cough, is that monster that is torturing us in the cold season. A campaign that does not call for action to buy, that speech that we all know and with which, from my point of view, the consumer is saturated.

 We chose a new speech and a new approach angle. We cough, we cough everyone and we know what it is, which is why we focused on showing how well and grateful we feel when we get better.

The challenge came to the implementation, with many goals: showing the new forms of presentation, the product addressed, rebranding, many messages to be transmitted in 30 seconds, and clear understanding of the well-being and gratitude that you are healthy OASA).

That’s how the musical idea came along, and with the wonderful people of Glitch, director Iulian Moga and actress Alma Boiangiu, we managed to use all the messages in a coherent, pleasant, dynamic way that leaves you with a sense of well-being.

To test and learn continually

I think the most important thing is to like what you do. If you exercise your job from an inner desire, you come to work with pleasure, and when you do things out of pleasure, the involvement becomes personal and the results are seen. At the same time, marketing does not just mean creation, you have to fascinate the figures and always have in mind a clear objective, a strategy and an overview. If you work in marketing, your work will not end with the end of your work schedule, you will always take it with you if you want performance. Details are often a trap from which you may not go out. They are important, of course, but the overall picture is the one that matters at the end of the day. I also encourage all those working in this area, to be brave, to take risks, to test and to learn continually. It is a field that is constantly changing and does not allow you to stay in place.

I like to build solid and long term

I am a man focused on emotion and less on material. I appreciate the things that feel at the expense of those who see themselves. I want to always balance them, be objective and be honest with myself and the others. I think otherwise everything that is built has a superficial basis and I like to build solid and long term. I also do not think a man can be in a professional and otherwise personal way. There are two planes that intertwine so often that it becomes tiring to be driven differently. At one point, one of them will shake. So, I do not think there’s a need for a rational and emotional beating. They must both be accepted as part of a whole.

Claudia Burghelea and team


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