Andrei Dumitra, CEO of CTE Solution: „My main desire was to do things my way”

Andrei Dumitra, CEO of CTE Solution
Andrei Dumitra, CEO of CTE Solution

Andrei Dumitra is the CEO of CTE Solution, active and constantly involved in personal and business projects – father and businessman who takes pleasure in his activity and “nourishes” his soul on the results of his labor. In his professional life, Andrei Dumitra handles a wide range of daily tasks. When he is not abroad, visiting our foreign partners and collaborators, for product launches, international exhibitions, he manages the activity of CTE Solution in Romania and Hungary and that of CTE Rent. Alongside his colleagues, he is constantly searching for new and innovative solutions to bring value added to the activity of CTE partners, is in contact with local partners and is involved in many other activities related to the field and niche in which he activates.

C&B: Can you briefly tell us about your journey in the business world?

Andrei Dumitra: „I began my activity, years ago, selling specialized equipment for an international brand well known in the field. In time, I began to want more for myself. The most important thing for me was to do things my way, to be evaluated and appreciated for my own achievements working with people with similar views, who share similar values, free to make my own decisions – and not be judged by the results of random situations. This is how POWERSCREEN CORPORATION was established, in 2009 – a small company, with big goals, a team of  crazy young people  with a common goal. We had to show that things could be done with a deeper level of personal commitment in professional life. Meanwhile we grew organically to what is now: CTE SOLUTION UTILAJE SPECIALIZATE – a 100% Romanian capital company, nationally and internationally renowned for the solutions and professionalism of those involved, where equipment from a range of renowned producers (FAUN, ZOELLER, KOMPTECH, PRESONA, HYUNDAI, MEILLER KIPPER, MECALAC, JOAB, POWERSCREEN, AEBI SCHMIDT, MULAG etc) address the needs of complex fields of activity such as sanitation, construction and demolition waste recycling, screening, municipal and industrial waste treatment, public road maintenance and others.”

C&B: What was your vision growing up and is it different now?

Andrei Dumitra: „As a child, I wanted to work in IT.  I imagined myself graduating in that field, having specific interests, which did happen. In time, I realized that nothing matched human interactions and experiences among peers. So I began my journey through life trying to be surrounded by people with positive views of life and with diverse personalities, trying to gain form their experience of life. There is certainly something to be learned from every situation in life! And that’s how the young man in IT became a salesman of integrated solutions for construction, sanitation and recycling, in a constant learning and personal-development process, always open to learn from those around him.

Nowadays my vision is that life is a team sport in which each one of us counts. It is in our power to become the best, because we persevere in our beliefs and achievements. We envision an amazing, multicultural working environment where humans are assisted by artificial intelligence to develop their capabilities and work in harmony with the environment.”

C&B: Can you think of a positive and negative experience you would like to share with us?

Andrei Dumitra: „It’s hard for me to come up with something particularly memorable on the spot. My daily activity ranges between two extremes – the positive and the negative. In fact the absence of one automatically makes it impossible to appreciate the other; how can you tell darkness from light, if not by comparison? The important thing is to have the intellectual capacity to notice them (light and darkness)! In my opinion, positive thinking has the magical capacity to  move mountains. I like to think that I’m an incurable optimist and I try to draw the right lesson from every new experience I go through. I also have a very sensitive mission which honors and obliges me – three human beings very dear to me (Robert, Beatrice and Briana), my three children. They give me my daily dose of motivation and optimism, to be better, more prepared, more empathetic and to pay more attention to those around me.”

C&B: What advice do you have for those just starting our or who are undecided?

Andrei Dumitra: „ I don’t consider myself a business expert, so I can’t offer advice to others. However I can encourage them – to keep hoping and to keep believing in themselves and what they can achieve. Our strength comes from within and from truly believing we will succeed. They need to be aware of the chance they have to start out right now because there is still a lot to be done in Romania and there is room to do better.”

C&B: What is Rational and Emotional in your activity?

Andrei Dumitra: „I would say the battle is for a greater share of the market. Once you gain recognition in a field it’s natural to want to become the best. In this case, the Rational  aspects win, because everything becomes evaluated, calculated, pragmatic and scientifically planned. However, I would be lying to myself is I tried to put aside  the Emotional  nature. At first, it all started with a personal ambition to show things could be done better with dedication and personal involvement in what I wanted to achieve. I used to put and I still do a lot of passion in the achievements of our team. I don’t believe the two concepts are contradictory,  but rather that the Rational and Emotional aspects complete each-other.”

C&B: How would you define society, business and career in Romania?

Andrei Dumitra: „Romanian society needs stability in all its aspects and a predictable course to mature. The business world is a direct consequence of how the members of society interact. Or in the absence of stability and an overall positive climate, we cannot have high expectations. I am an incurable optimist, as I said, and I firmly believe that in the end things will turn for the better and the three aspects you mentioned – society, business and career – will come together for the common good and prosperity of all. They have no purpose existing other than as a whole.”


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