Anca Vescan, CEO of AXON Soft: Romanian society began to rediscover the true values, buried by the early post -Revolution years

Anca Vescan, CEO of AXON Soft
Anca Vescan, CEO of AXON Soft

Anca Vescan is the founder and CEO of AXON Soft, a Romanian software development company that has proven its professionalism in the European market and beyond. It all started 22 years ago, in Cluj-Napoca, when I laid the groundwork for a place where computer scientists would find challenges to reach their standards, a place with large-scale projects and global impact.

C&B: What is AXON Soft?

Anca Vescan:AXON Soft is the place where we develop high-performance software products that meet specific needs. We pride ourselves on having a highly-skilled and driven team that reaches our customers’ most challenging projects.

Since the very beginning, we have worked for companies in Romania and Western Europe, adopted modern technologies and methodologies. We are proud of the fact that AXON Soft means an extremely qualified team that remains devoted to going the extra mile for our business partners.  Two of the applications we have developed (one for logistics and the other for workforce management) have entered the top 10 worldwide for their business area”.

C&B: The beginnings of your career were related to IT?

Anca Vescan: “Yes, I worked in the IT industry from the beginning, as a programmer. However, I soon received management tasks and quickly evolved into managerial and CEO positions. When I decided to set up AXON Soft, I chose to build a place for professionals.

It may seem like empty words, but I always believed in excellence and chose quality over quantity. I always considered that computer science is like math, meaning that it has no intrinsic value but only if it is put at the service of other purposes or sciences, in order to enhance the solution of practical problems.

After more than 22 years, I can say that we keep the same vision. My colleagues focus on the functionality of the product we develop and they master the latest technologies to provide our customers with solid digitization solutions, not just interesting theoretical concepts”.

C&B: It is a very dynamic and constantly evolving industry. How do you cope with it?

Anca Vescan: “As I said earlier, I believe in excellence. My vision has not changed from this point of view. Both personally and professionally, I have always chosen to do everything in my power to exceed expectations.

I have always encouraged my colleagues to stay up to date with the latest trends, while freedom of speech has always been at the forefront of our company. We believe in the power of initiative, and this is exactly the prototype of the people of AXON Soft. Our vision is to exceed expectations, and my team shares the same core values, which pushes us all to do more and better every day”.

C&B: How did the Pandemic Crisis influence your activity?

Anca Vescan: “Professionally speaking, we`ve matured a lot in the over 22 years, and the challenges related to communication or trust issues were overcome many years ago. Our long-term partnerships are a source of pride and, also, they are the reason why we were not severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are facing a transition period, and a change in the business paradigm has already begun. We anticipate what the market will look like in the coming years and we began to take measures in order to adapt to the new conditions. I`m convinced that this pandemic crisis will have economic effects, but unlike the economic crisis of 2008, we now have a different and better experience.

On the other hand, the whole team works remotely, and we lack daily interaction. We hope to return to new normality as soon as possible, and until then we use the online platforms to see each other, to interact as much as possible, and to do our best to remain a close-knit team”.

C&B: A question we insist on in every interview: what advice/tips do you have for those who are just starting out or are undecided?

Anca Vescan: “Choose what you like and what suits you best from the unlimited opportunities that we are having now. Let me give you an example: I want to help people feel better, but I have a blood phobia or I can’t cope with suffering; at the same time, I’m good at programming. I can become a computer scientist working in companies that develop products for the medical industry.

Don’t be afraid to fail. We learn more from mistakes than from books. It is important not to repeat them and to assume the mistakes we make.

Continue to be curious and learn all the time.

Patiently build both a business and a career.

Be aware that you must sacrifice certain things. But the end does not justify the means, so don`t hesitate to say no to the major compromises and to continue to strongly believe in your dream”.

C&B: How do you see the Romanian society and the business environment from your position?

Anca Vescan: “We are making progress in the right direction. Our society still finds its path, we begin to rediscover the true values, buried and soiled by the crazy years that followed the Revolution. When we`ll treat our neighbor with respect and honest work, we will be completely healed as a society. In a healthy society, business and careers can only flourish”.


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