Adriana Cocîrță, owner of Nomade Communication: “Entrepreneurship has given me the opportunity to combine childhood desires with the present passions.”

Adriana Cocîrță, owner of Nomade Communication
Adriana Cocîrță, owner of Nomade Communication

I am Adriana Cocîrță, a passionate entrepreneur and PR entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in the field, the owner of Nomade Communication. Every day at the office is different from everything else, due to the constant activities and changes that take place in the field in which I work, but also in our clients. Dynamics also doubles with the daily responsibilities of an entrepreneur. Constants concentrate on conceiving communication strategies that align with general business objectives, customer meetings, activity coordination, and outcome evaluation. In the same way, I assure that based on the results, we improve the strategies implemented to support our customers in achieving our business goals.

My career started in the second year of college when I decided to pursue Communication and Public Relations as I was convinced that it fits me best. After several years of professional experience in the communications departments of some companies, I decided it was time to take the next step: Entrepreneurship.

Thus, in 2016, Nomade – a communication agency and PR – has emerged and since then, together with the whole team, we have achieved integrated communication strategies, we implement creative tactics in social media, digital marketing or media relations, we constantly evaluate the results and we ensure that each client receives all our attention and dedication.

I really like what I do and excite

 In my childhood, I wanted to be a teacher and have the opportunity to talk to people, and in adolescence I wanted to be a journalist and prose writer. Fortunately, I have been able to turn them all into reality: I’m “delivering” and speaking publicly through my workshops, seminars, courses and interventions in certain conferences; a prose writer I was in teenage years – with a volume of published novels, and journalism practices him, in a certain way, through press releases made and constantly connected with the editorial staff of various newspapers and magazines.

The vision has not changed much since then – I can say I am consistent in this respect – and I do not see any major change on the horizon because I really like what I do and I am excited about every day.

Perseverance and determination will help them get there

Young people who want to start a career in communication and PR tell them to follow this course only if the job makes them feel fulfilled. If not, then use introspection to find out which is the right job for them. Also, working in the field is not always easy or simple, so I encourage them not to feel discouraged when they go through a more crowded period. Perseverance and determination will help them reach where they dream.

I double the intuition of reasoning and logical thinking

We have not been through a conflict between reason and feeling for a long time. Fortunately, I have learned to double my intuition of reasoning and logical thinking so that I can follow my intuition with a justifiable basis and then build my way of persuading others to follow me in my decision.

A career in the country is now a great opportunity

Of course, I’m not in the position to offer an axiom that encompasses all of them. The Romanian society is at a stage of transition and the emergence of cultural values, young intellectuals and professionals.

Doing business in Romania is a roller coaster, but I think an entrepreneur can use his intelligence, determination and perseverance to succeed. We have some examples of Romanian businessmen who have built exceptional companies through even more difficult times than this. If they have succeeded, I do not see any reason why we – the ones we have just started – could not do the same.

Building a career in the country is now a great opportunity because, due to staff shortages, any employer will appreciate and reward a serious employee who wants to grow. So this is the perfect ground for ambitious and professional people, as they can achieve their professional goals much faster than it was possible 10 years ago.


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