Adrian Iacob on ClickFunnels and the simple solution that entrepreneurs can avoid programmers and web designers

Adrian Iacob, CEO, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Online Sales
Adrian Iacob, CEO, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Online Sales

Adrian Iacob is an entrepreneur, trainer and strategic consultant for marketing and sales, founder of two platforms:  AISUCCES.RO and Tonny Robbins Romania Fans. He has more than 25 years experience in entrepreneurship and marketing . He loves travelling and listening quality music . He promotes entrepreneurial spirit and critical thinking. He is dedicated to the ones that want to multiply their incomes using online instruments and internet. After 18 years in a classic business he studied and the concept ”money making art ” using marketing and online sales. Starting 2102 he is helping with coaching, training and consultancy entrepreneurs ., companies and non-profit organizations to sell services and products in a more efficent way. He did it through platform. He believes that each entrepreneur needs to use all the opportunities to become more profitable, because today we can benefit from incredible resources. His MISSION is to help as many entrepreneurs as he can to increase their profits and their sales by offering efficient solutions, promoting strategy for online sales.  

C&B: What’s the story of your career / your business?

Adrian Iacob: „I have started by abandonning a dream. It was not my choice to do it, I had to.  I was a child born in a little but really beautiful town in Romania. My dream was to travel around the world as Sindbad the sailor and Anton Lupan. I really wanted to become a sailor,  surfing the oceans allover the world. Unfortunately my parents did not share the same dream so I had to give up his dream.

I found out my dream only years after. But the seas and the oceans were opening in different way, with a more , more wider view. And the name of that ocean is internet. 

My father wanted me to become a priest and my mother a veterinarian. So, I studied veterinarian during the high-school. In  1994 I was studying to become a dentist but I took one of the most important decisions in my life: to start a business. Without a business plan, without a capital or at least a small amount to begin, I started from scratch.

I named the company Jacob’s SRL. No, it is not JACOBS german coffee brand. I founded Jacob’s SRL in 1994 and the JACOBS coffee brand entered in Romania after December  1999.

In 18 years I grow – up my business from ZERO to an income that offered me the lifestyle I wanted. During these years I had to take a lot of decisions intuitively. I had ups and downs, of course, but I am proud that I managed to grow my business with a loan and  120%interest.

Without an MBA or political involvement, which was quite a success!

So , I had to start using the computer- which in Romania at that time was really not a habit. I had to look for materials and information… So, I had one AHA moment understanding the huge potential of the Internet

The entrepreneur inside me has seen a huge market and immediately I had several business ideas.

But before this, I had to decide: Shall I become a seller or a buyer on internet?

From my experience I knew that I will have to work hard to get results in a very new area.  I also knew that I will need to learn a lot. I wanted to have strategy and  some instruments to optimize and to get productive.

In 2009 I started learning Direct Marketing on internet and on Social media.

In 2010 I started blogging. In 2012 my blog was in the top of the personal development blogs in Romania.

In December 2012 I designed my personal mission:  to support and help as many entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products and services with the help of the Internet and online tools. The first step was to launch  the platform .

In  2012, I also became the Ambassador and Promoter of the Business Days event series, probably the most ambitious project of engaging resources, knowledge and expertise for the development of Romanian entrepreneurship.

Another important milestone in my life and career was in 2014. At that moment I met Tony Robbins, recognized in the world as # 1 Life & Business Coach. I’ve participating to a four-day transformational training session, UPW, in London. The moments of revelation experienced during this training led to a new business idea:  the founding of Tony Robbins Romania Fans (over 2,300 followers).

One of the best advice I’ve ever had in life was the following: Whenever you seek to learn something, seek to learn from the best!

It’s a tip that I’ve always kept in mind. I also gave this advice to my child and I would give it  to all who want to learn something new. Following this advice has always brought me mentors, partners and clients who have contributed to the man and the specialist now: Andy Szekely, Lorand Soares-Szasz, Bogdan Comanescu, Eusebiu Burcash, Marian Rujoiu, Liviu Pasat, Mihaela Tatu , Mihaela Stroe, Daniel Zarnescu, Amalia Sterescu, Dan Berinde from Romania and Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson …

I have always invested time and money in my education . And I will keep doing this.

C&B: What was your visions during childhood / adolescence and who are now?

Adrian Iacob: “I think it’s a little exaggerated to say that in my childhood I had a vision … I probably did not know the  meaning of the word! But what I remember is that I was dreaming … Reading the adventures of Captain Nemo, the ”Speranta” ship and his courageous sailors, Karl May’s novels, and Dumas’s adventures helped me  also to dream  to  explore the unknown,to become a fighter of good and honor, to be  a generous  man, always in the service of the peoples.

Probably, these dreams, defined and arranged in a more refined way, are the same now! “

C&B: Please tell us a positive and a  negative experience related to your activity!

Adrian Iacob: “One of the unpleasant experiences I have experienced is related to an investment in construction, recklessly done in 2009. Ignoring the signals coming from financial analysts saying that the effects of the US economic crisis will end up and in Romania, I bought a land plot and I started building a restaurant on it. The decision almost lead me to the brink of bankruptcy. Thank God that at that time I discovered the possibility of exploring a new business  that would save me: marketing and online sales.

Since then, I strongly believe in an affirmation attributed to Einstein: ”Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous!

C & B: What advice / tips do you have for those who now would like to start a new business  or haven’t decided yet?

Adrian Iacob: “One of the advice I give to those who begin right now, (I also  received it  and it proved to be really helpfull) is the following:” If you want to achieve success in any area of life, look for a model it those area. Somebody that have already reached succes with  it. Because success leaves traces! “

And for the undecided, “As long as you are always undecided, you will always live in a field of war. If you are a king, will you be pleased? If you are a beggar, will you be pleased? Whatever your way of life is, seek a sincere answer to the following questions: Who am I? Whom do I want to serve? Why do I want that? ”

C&B: In your case, is there any Rational and Sentimental fight? What is it for?  

Adrian Iacob: “I’m a Sentimental. An old friend of mine once told me that I’m an incurable romantic … most of the decisions I took were more instinct-based, more emotional than rational. So I would answer your question that the big fight is being given to find rational arguments that validate the outcome of certain decisions taken on emotional grounds. “

C&B: Please provide your own definition for the company, business and career in Romania!

Adrian Iacob: “I was 21 years old when the Revolution against Communism took place. Looking back,  I can define the present society in a constantly mentality change. Yet! It is true that a lasting change is not done overnight and at the level of human DNA, not even in a few years … At society level, for Romania,  visible changes can be seen and felt. I would like to help entrepreneurs to make sustainable change and to reach abundance.”

C&B: Do you have advice for entrepreneurs who want to quit after one or more failures?

Adrian Iacob: ”For me, an entrepreneur is the person who assumes solving a problem or needs that is not his.

Entrepreneurs are strong, determined people. But some people,  when they have to go through such difficult experiences think  ” I have come to the end of the powers, I can not do it! I think I’m giving up … ”

Yes, I have a message for that entrepreneur: Do you realize how important we the entrepreneurs, are? … We are the ones that create jobs. We, the entrepreneurs, are the ones who think and create products and services that make life more pleasant and easier for our peers. We, the entrepreneurs, are the ones who pay taxes and taxes, thus contributing to increasing the country’s budget and paying salaries for budgeted services such as health, education, the army, the public administration … We, the entrepreneurs, are the ones that make the world thrive. For this reason, my opinion is that … NEVER HAVE TO REMEMBER what you are doing! The choice is yours, but do not forget, there is a great need for people like YOU!

C&B: At the beginning of our discussion, you told us about a project that will be released shortly. What it is? What is the ClickFunnels software?

Adrian Iacob: “Before sharing my plan for the next period, a project that will be a blessing for all Romanian entrepreneurs, let me tell you something. When I started my work on the Internet, I remember that the biggest challenges I have had two key elements.

First of all, understanding and learning terms (for example, website, autoresponder, web design, SEO, follow-up, funnel, etc.) and technical languages (Java, HTML).

Secondly, I was always frustrated by the low efficiency of communication with programmers and web designers.

More specifically, I asked them to do something, and the result, besides not being delivered on time, I often received some other features (On the grounds that “there is a need for a plugging, something to be done, or something …” <conflict and create bugs >> or the classic << I did not understand exactly what you want! >>).

By communicating and consulting with dozens of entrepreneurs, especially during the nearly 20 Business Days Events, I have found that these two challenges are common. It was not only my problem! So full of frustration after a hard day, on a cloudy morning in October when I could not even get off my bed because I knew I had to call again the programmer who in the last days was rejecting my calls, I said: That’s it! There must be another solution!

After a several searches, I found it! In the form of a complete SAAS software that requires neither programming nor webdesign, it also has an email and follow-up service (autoresponder), and membership platform.  It also includes a lot of  Training delivered (Udemy-like). You can also get hosting, everything is there. An all-in-one software that only requires Drag & Drop knowledge!

I’ve been studying, testing and using this software for the past two years, and now, probably from the beginning of September, I will propose and promote to all Romanian entrepreneurs without technical skills and who will want to escape the challenge called << programmer and web-designer >> ClickFunnels software will get them rid of all these worries!

Today, according to 2018 statistics, a person accesses the Internet from your mobile phone at least 300 times a day! Why? Probably to fuel a need! And then you, as an entrepreneur who has a product or service that can solve the needs of a consumer, why not be there? Regardless of the product or service that you have and that meets the needs of the market, believe me, the online environment – the place where people spend most of their time, a suitable and easy to use strategy and tool can bring you benefits, profit and fulfillment both to you and to the consumer you serve.

Follow me in the next weeks to see how a single soft, ClickFunnels, besides freeing you from the stress and worry of recruiting programmers, will also bring you substantial budget savings. And  most importantly, time and succesfull online sales!

A final idea:  … to persuade the readers of this interview and potentially interested  in the effectiveness of this software, ClickFunnels: Although the company was founded in 2013, in March 2019 it exceeded 50,000 users and the founder and CEO- Russell Brunson, was nominated in 2018 by Ernst & Young for the Entrepreneur of the Year award – Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations.

This is my project for the next period, to help the entrepreneurs who have at least one product, service or event to be promoted and sold with a complete SAAS software that requires neither programming nor webdesign knowledge nor installation on computer, which also has hosting, an email and follow-up service (autoresponder) a membership platform and  Training. All you need in one place to promote, sell and deliver the products and services of an online business! For a quieter life and a bigger profit, you need an all-in-one software whose only knowledge is needed is Drag & Drop – ClickFunnels Software! Thank you and your readers! “


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