About C&B

The vision of Careers & Business Europe
A common source of information and support for professionals and entrepreneurs in the EU
The Careers & Business Europe Mission
Voices of European professionals and entrepreneurs from all industries have access to documentation, analysis and keep up to date with everything new and effective at continental level.
Values ​​and Facts Careers & Business Europe
Each state, each nationality has its own culture, traditions and customs. If we understand that their constructive exchange among Europeans can bring benefits, the “battle” is won.
We understand that we have to learn and develop concepts and actions from all Europeans, regardless of nationality.
We do not value judgments and do not put labels!
We choose to be open and to give a chance, whenever it is needed, to a nation, institution or individual.
Careers & Business – Success Stories
At first it was the Romanian version of Careers & Business. Conceived to portray experiences, experiences, tips and stories. From all, from all, we all learn and thus reassure the way to success, happiness and gratitude. The life and activity of a specialist or entrepreneur is not a simple one, it is a complex of factors that encompass environments of activity and personal environments. In our opinion, there is a cumulation of elements that give a certain image – the image of our painting. Then was the English edition. With many transformations and struggles. Most problems were related to infrastructure and staff. But it all resolves, sooner or later, if you fight for the proposed strategic goals.

Careers & Business Europe – A New Beginning!
Two years after the launch of the English edition, we thought of opening up our project to the European Community. Why? It was January 2019 and Romania was the EU presidency. From that moment on, each of us, at institution, business or person level, was supposed to do something to help a European Union (truly) and Powerful. We chose to bring, under a common hat, the part related to careers and business. Practically, we have chosen to develop in this respect the industry where we have been active for some time. It was not easy. We still fight for the proposed goal. Our work, time and insistence will be rewarded, we are convinced. Every day we find entrepreneurs or specialists who choose or are sent to demonstrate their abilities and skills in another EU country. This information gives us confidence and ensures that we have chosen a good and fair road.
What does Careers & Business Europe mean?
Careers & Business Europe is a place where all the information about EU specialists and entrepreneurs gathers. It is where, together with European partners, we share in one language the best and most useful information we have. It is where we inform and where we ask for our business and careers at European level.
Choose to join the project!
Are you a company or a communications specialist in the EU and want to join our project? We are waiting for you. You have no costs, and the benefits are yours! Choose to show your business and clients in English and European level!